Travel: Puerto Galera

(Circa 2006) This is my first ever out-of-town company outing experience courtesy of my very first employer, ___. I was fresh from college then so join lang ng join sa company events, bibo much.

How could you forget Puerto Galera? Nung hindi pa masyado aware ang mga tao sa traveling and di pa uso ang ibang magagandang beaches anywhere in the Philippines, Puerto Galera is the ultimate place to be for beach party. Ikaw na ang cool pag nasa¬†Puerto Galera ka. hahaha If you can’t afford to go to Boracay or anywhere remote, isang tawid lang from Batangas port, hello Puerto Galera ka na. Puerto Galera is accessible and not to mention VERY affordable, kaya dumog na dumog ng mga tao, achievegaya nito. :)

Beach ng Bayan :)

I enjoyed much the Puerto Galera experience with my colleagues. I’m still in touch with some of them up to this day. I had my taste of the Puerto Galera beach life, party, henna tattoo, Mindoro Sling, exploring the ‘caves’ (alam nyo na kung anong meron sa kuweba hahaha), macho cowboy gays and many more. Then being fresh out of school, all these things were new to me so amaze na amaze ako.

Happy Days

And of course, where else can you find girls in bikinis na nag sa sunbathe katabi ang mga bangka?

Beach Bumming

Kung gusto mo ng relaxation, serenity and peace, this is not the place to be. Ma stress ka lang umiwas sa mga nakakalat na sunbathers sa beach. :)

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