About Me

hola friends! this is kim. thanks for dropping by. :) i’m an “IT girl” living in new zealand and enjoying the relax and beautiful nature of this country. i was based in singapore for 3 years before moving to hobbit land. i am married to my ‘friend-enemy’ of 10 years and now a soon to be mom. i’m the eldest child from quezon city, philippines. i love dogs, reading books, food trips, spur of the moment adventures, chocolates, leisure walking, diy tours, traveling and taking random photos of anything using my trusty phone and olympus camera.


skydiving @ queenstown, new zealand

this blog was born out of my love for food, books, travel, adventures and host of any other things. i try my best to write my mundane happenings into more exciting ones. i read books during my spare time and one of my favorites is Catcher in the Rye. my greatest travel inspiration is the movie, The Beach. i have an obsession for traveling and if money and time is not an option, i would love to explore and conquer asia as well as go to south america.

feel free to hang out here. just drop me a message or send a note to my email address misskimpe(at)misskimpe(dot)com.

cheers guys (“,)

6 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by on my blog! :) Glad to here from fellow Pinay at wordpress! :)

  2. TheBlackTwig says:

    I just find it amusing that we have some things in common. Born and raised in QC, lived in SG, considers Catcher in the Rye as one of the most influential books, The Beach as the ultimate travel movie, and now living here in Australia but still planning to go Sydney. I like your posts about Sydney. They will surely be handy when I go there soon. :) glad to stumble upon your site.

  3. TheBlackTwig says:

    And nail polish too! :D


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