Second Month

it was a double celebration for our family yesterday. my baby turned 2 months old and it’s husband’s birthday too. this is one of those times that my husband is older than me. kahit last na sa calendaryo, fresh na fresh pa din di ba?! haha!

it was a very simple day for the three of us. we went to the church first thing in the morning. after that, we bought a dessert for my baby’s monthly cake. you know those sara lee sweets in the frozen section? sarap nun! then we ate lunch at our favorite japanese restaurant. :)


favorite salmon sashimi


my dose of ramen

since baby can’t eat solids yet and hubby doesn’t like sweets, he bought his own pizza cake. hehe! i will eat the tiramisu then. hehe!


with his pizza cake

in the afternoon, we skyped lolo and lola pinas so they can greet bebe. lokong loko ang grandparents, so they also bought a cake. mas bongga pa ang cake nila sa amin!?


cake by the grandparents

happy 2 months bebe! laki mo na agad, ambigat mo pa! mommy’s wish is for you to grow healthy and well behave.


happy 2 months!

for my husband, my friend, my partner in crime…belated happy birthday! thank you for taking care of me and bebe all the time.

love you both!

Random: Wedding “Church” Anniversary

what a difference a year can make! i almost forgot it’s our ‘church’ wedding anniversary today. thanks to my brother for reminding me. hehe! san naman kayo ako i de date ng asawa ko?

one year ago today. love this guy ;)

one year ago today. love this guy ;)

Random: Nanay Musings # 1

buti na lang napatulog ko na ang anak ko at makasingit naman sa pag blog! thank you lord natulog na si master.:)

ever since lumabas ang aming baby puto,  nag-iba na ang aming routine. si mister na ang nagluluto at namimili sa grocery. miss na miss ko na mag grocery sa totoo lang, yun na lang naman kasi ang aking retail therapy…nawala pa.

ngayong naka maternity leave ako, stay at home mom ang drama ko. sa loob ng halos 10 years na nagtatrabaho ako, (shocks 10 years na pala i feel soooo old!) ngayon ko lang naranasan ang magbakasyon ng matagal. pero sa totoo lang, wish ko lang na bakasyon grande ito na pa relax relax ako. dahil ang totoo nyan, ang hirap pala mag-alaga ng bata ngayong naranasan ko na. mas mahirap pa sa project ko sa office. dahil duon, pwede ko iwanan ang project ko kung tinatamad ako. eh mag alaga ng bata, kahit anong feeling mo eh bawal pabayaan at baka makulong pa ako. kaya saludo ako sa mama ko at sa mga single nanay na nagpapalaki ng anak. nakakapagod, nakakastress at nakakahaggard mag-alaga ng bata sa maghapon…ng wala kang ibang kausap sa bahay at ang kaharap mo lang sa maghapon ay ang batang iyakin, mahilig pakarga at ayaw palapag. mabilisan ang pagkilos ko mula sa pagkain at paliligo dahil kung hindi, iinisin ka lang ng batang iyakin at mag pa panic ka ng sobra makita siyang namumula at umiitim sa kakaiyak with matching luha pa. oo, totoong iyak na siya at hindi na drama. tapos pag karga mo na, biglang aaliwalas ang mukha niya na parang walang nangyari. nakakalokong, nakakaloka!!! so nakakaguilty lang paiyakin sya ng matagal dahil sobrang liit niya pa eh ang kelangan lang naman niya ay love di ba!?

nakakamiss maligo ng matagal, yung nagmumuni muni ka pa sa shower.naku hindi ko na magawa yan. feeling ko pa, lumosyang ako bigla after ko manganak dahil sa less ligo/less ayos look ko. andyan ang tira tirang taba from the pregnancy, stretch marks, lawlaw na dede at naglalangis na haggard!

nakakapagod and nakakamiss din yung mga araw na nagagawa ko ang gusto ko ng walang iintindihin. pero iba na ngayon kasi andyan na si bebe. pero kahit mukhang nagrereklamo ako eh masaya naman ako. masarap makitang tumataba na at lumalaki si bebe pa onte onte – ang batang laki sa gatas ng ina. nyahaha! at nakakatuwa pag ngumingiti na siya. nakakatuwa makita ang batang maliit na malakas umutot, bumahing, mag-unat at kung ano ano pang kaartehang facial expression nya dahil legit na tao na talaga siya. mahirap…pero masaya pala  maging nanay. ;)


First Month

today marks the 1st month birthday of my baby. time flies so fast! i am feeling both happy and sentimental at the same time. happy that i see him grow into a healthy, cute and naughty boy. at the same time, i am feeling a bit sentimental because a month already had pass and i’ve only got two more months left to enjoy his company before i go back to work. before, i thought that going back to work after being on maternity leave is a breeze but now that i am with my baby everyday, i feel like i just want to stay with him all the time. despite feeling tired and sleep deprived, bonding time with my baby is the most precious moment that i’ll forever cherish. i don’t mind staring, kissing, hugging and cuddling him all day long.

many things have change ever since he came into our lives. having a baby is a LOT of work. there are the sleepless nights wherein baby is wide awake during the wee hours in the morning, breastfeeding challenges like having to deal with sore and cracked nipples and “have i got enough milk?” to sustain his needs, maintaining the household and juggling chores while baby is asleep, less eating time and less bath time for me and no more time to do other things like reading books and surfing the internet. i miss sleeping side by side with my husband and sneaking quality time with him now proves to be a challenge because all of a sudden, the baby starts making noises or worst… crying in the background!

happy 1st month bebe!

happy 1st month bebe!

happy one month my baby boy. mom and dad loves you so much. i am praying and wishing that he grows to be a good person and that we will be guided to become good parents to him.

38 Weeks: My Birth Story

it’s been two weeks since i gave birth to my precious little wee boy and up to this day, everything is still fresh from my memory. i couldn’t believe that i just delivered a human being! it was a traumatic and exhausting 14 hours of labor. nevertheless, the pain is all worth it the moment i saw my cute baby. :)

i knew ahead of time that i’m going to be early induce to labour due to my gestational diabetes. gestational diabetes is a temporary diabetes for pregnant women and in my case, the baby grows faster inside because all the sugar that i ate will be pass on to him. my midwife and ob-gyne scheduled me on the 12th of february since they don’t schedule induce labour on weekends (thus no valentines baby for me) and my baby’s estimated weight inside is already 8 lbs at 38 weeks. just imagine if he reaches the full term at 40 weeks!

the day

on the twelfth of february, husband and i drove to the hospital. we arrived at 8 am and immediately went to the maternity ward to check-in. later on, my midwife arrived and after that the team of ob-g and other midwives also arrived in my birthing room.

birthing room

birthing room

before the storm (haha)

before the storm (haha)

we started official business at 9-ish morning. the ob-g started to rupture the membrane and so all the water came out gushing under me while i lie on the bed. few hours later, i was given a drip inserted through my hands like a dextrose, that will start the contractions. the amount of drug will be increase until the painful contractions occur.

when the drug started to take effect, i experienced the most excruciating pain in my entire life. it was a thousand or if not a million times painful than the usual dysmenorrhea. at first, i still manage to talk and smile but as i progress with the labour, little by little i could no longer talk and this happened for seven hours. seven unforgettable hours of my existence!

my midwife instructed that i should start pushing at 6 pm and they gave me at least two hours for this. one of the best things here in new zealand, is that they will encourage you to have a natural vaginal birth first and won’t schedule you for a c-sec unlike in the philippines or other asian countries. despite having a good size baby, i was told that we will aim for a natural birth unless things go other ways and i need to have a c-sec operation.

i was pushing for two hours and did my very best giving my full energy, effort and dedication to deliver the baby naturally, but there were no signs of baby coming out. so my midwife and the birth team assessed my condition and they explained to me that despite being in a fully dilated state, the baby is not fully engage downwards and his head seem not to fit my pelvic area. i was just pushing and pushing all along but baby’s head and skull was stuck down there.

at around 8 to 9 pm, the verdict was given. i will have to undergo the emergency c-section. the doctors were apologising, sorry that we have to end that way. i was a bit disappointed but not in a depressing kind of way. i was very tired and hungry as my last meal was during breakfast so all i wanted that time was to deliver the baby, regardless of the method. at the back of my mind, “ok hiwain nyo na ako, pagod na pagod na ako.”

at 10 pm, i was brought to the “theater” or the operating room. i am too exhausted to remember the smallest details of what happened inside the operating room. i was given more dosage of the epidural to make my lower body numb from the pain. the epidural make me felt a ton heavier with my legs feeling like jelly. i also started to feel sick and wanting to throw up then suddenly started to chill and shiver, one of the side effects of the anaesthesia.

i didn’t feel anything when they cut me open and so is my emotion. exhaustion, hunger and sickness put me on a blank state. few minutes after, i heard the baby cry and my husband beside me said, “ang laki. ang daming buhok!” haha! seeing my husband almost teary-eyed, i thought “sa wakas natapos din.”

at exactly 11:31 pm (almost close to midnight and good thing we finished within the day), i gave birth to my cute baby boy of 8.4 lbs. despite the slightly traumatic and not so glamorous labour experience, i would say that this day is the most unforgettable and happiest day of my life. ;)

big baby

he’s finally here

welcome to the world

biggie baby boy

proud parents

… and we are now 3! :)

welcome to the world

welcome to the world baby

Random: Hairvolution

since today is thursday and that i’m at the peak of my boredom waiting for this baby to come out, i rummage through my hard disk sifting old photos which are worthy enough for a #tbt blog post. :)

and it’s timely too that i just had my hair cut recently. so now, i’ll be sharing the different hairstyles i sported throughout the years – from high school, college, corporate life and up to the present. looking at my old photos brings a sense of nostalgia and at the same time, evoked pleasant memories that i was once beautiful, fit and healthy. hahaha! at this stage of pregnancy, i must have reach my heaviest EVER and i’m trying my best to divert my attention to something else apart from focusing on the weight gain. it’s kinda depressing to look and feel like an elephant, to be honest. but this too shall pass (keeping my fingers and toes crossed). ;-)

i think i’ve already tried almost everything with my hair.

here’s for the short layered ones, which is the most common style i had when i was in high school and college. they are easy to maintain and i’m unaware of having a long hair because i’m focus with my studies and not making pa-cute to anybody else. wahaha!

"the short layered hair"

“the short layered hair”

then there’s the shoulder length ones, which i think were mostly out of my decision to bring something new or after going through some personal issues aka “may pinagdaanan“. lol!

"the medium length hair"

“the medium length hair”

then there’s the long straight hair, which i had for the majority of my last 5 years. it makes me look very feminine plus a bonus of being in a happy relationship so “feeling mo ang ganda mo lang“. literally speaking, “ang haba ng hurlalooo ko!

"the straight long hair"

“the straight long hair”

i was born with natural straight locks so there are times that i feel bored with it. a work around for that is to have my hair permed! the curls gave me an excuse not to comb it the whole day thus saving me some precious time. the only downside of having a permed hair is that it easily gets dry and frizzy, making it hard to comb especially if it’s been there for a while. i must have broken a lot of brushes and combs when i still had my long curly hair.

the curly long hair

“the curly long hair”

and since wedding stage is over and the baby’s coming out soon and i’ve been wanting to cut my hair really really short, i’m back to my shortest hair since high school days. hello pixie!

back to basics

“the jlaw slash nora aunor slash bieber inspired hair”

it’s the no frills, easy to maintain, wash and wear kind of hair. it will now save me a few dollars for the shampoo and also preparing for motherhood. :)

i don’t know if this kind of hair suits me well but i’m comfortable with it so i’m fine with it. i’m not sure if the husband likes it as he used to tease me that i look “bading” with the short hair. oh well, sorry darling…get used to it. hehe! i’m not bothered anyway because time just passes by and they will grow eventually. sabi nga ni ateng Coco Chanel…”a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life“. haha! arte lang!

how about you, what’s your preferred look?

Random: Engagement Ring

[late post] kilig ng burberry light upon seeing bride and breakfast’s blog post featuring beautiful engagement rings, because #4 entry looks very familiar. click HERE for the link. ;-)

of course, each girl has its own taste when it comes to jewelry especially engagement rings. my choices in life and general, are always unconventional and i’m always vocal when saying that i don’t like anything that is like by everybody else. whether it’s classy or tacky, i don’t mind and i don’t care at all. i always perceive myself as not the ‘diamond’ type of girl. i admit it, my taste is really weird. ever since, i always want it non-traditional so a big screaming diamond is not my cup of tea.

my ring, a ruby stone encircled in small diamonds in a gold band, is very me. ruby is my birth stone as i was born on july. as the blogger said in the post, it’s a statement. yes, it means to say that there may be a lot of (diamond) girls out there…pero nag-iisa lang ang ruby na “bidang/kontrabida (sa buhay ni Sir)”. loooool haha haha haha! 

the ring

the ring

hindi man made in tiffany, as long as i’m very happy, that’s all that matters. ;-)


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