Random: Wicked Weekend

the long wait is over! at last ito na, nakapanuod na kami. i know masyado na kaming delay at nauna pa ang mga nasa pinas. wahaha! but the long wait is all worth it. ang ganda!!!  :-)

weekend wicked

the railing is a nuisance :(

we bought the tickets since last december. but one of my colleagues want to get a nice seat, so she got a late february schedule since that’s the only open date available. sayang nga naman ang ganda ng show kung tuldok na lang ang makita. of course, it’s a no-camera policy so i have to use my phone cam and was able to take a picture of the stage from our seat. then no more pictures after, i respect the beauty and talents of the show. here’s a sample preview of what you can see from the show. regardless if you buy the most expensive or cheapest ticket, worth it ang bayad. 

wicked day with friends

then we all decided to wear dress for the event. kamusta naman sa pag de dress, pumustura sa tanghaling tapat na show?! pero wapakels, kami na ang umeffort. ok na mag maganda sa weekends tutal mukha naman kaming haggard sa office pag weekdays. wahaha!

it’s a very good musical show. good production show, set, lights, effects, sounds, etc. in short, type ko lahat, hahaha. it’s far from boring unlike the last musical play i watched na nilayasan ko sa kalagitnaan sa kaboringan. the show has comic, dramatic and love story elements all in one. mas madaming kantahan kesa dialogues kaya mas ok. nakakakilabot ang ‘defying gravity’ song number, ang powerful. i appreciate the glee version, but upon watching the musical version live, i like it even more. feel na feel ko na tuloy magkakanta ng ‘defying gravity’ sa banyo. wahaha!

worth it naman pala mag dress, because after the show…we got a chance to have a picture with one of the cast, fiyero. pwede bumili ng cd para mag pa autograph, pero since pinoys alam niyo naman, hehe…sige makisiksik then pa picture!!! ♥


Book: Wicked

first time to try this blogging through phone. blogging is now possible…24/7 anytime anywhere…in my own convenience. yooooowwwnnn!!!

was happy to see this book on my desk when i arrived this morning. one of my colleagues lend it to me and she suggested that i read the book first before watching it next month. we already booked the tickets last december and i’m a bit excited because i have something to look forward to next month.

it’s a common knowledge that novels and other best-sellers are now being turn into movies, or for this case as musical play. most of the time, i like the book version probably because i have my own interpretation of things and i get disappointed whenever those weren’t given justice in the movie.

well, it’s too early to say. for now, i’ll finish the book first before watching it next month. :)



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