Project Rolleston v1.0

it’s done! the house is finished and we’re almost there. not too long and we’ll be moving in to our new place. i guess, owning a house by 32 is more achievable than me going back to my pre-pregnancy weight. haha! that is to say, i feel i am more disciplined in saving money than my eating habits. ang sarap naman kasi kumain!

at this point, we are eyeing for a settlement date of next friday then move in by saturday. a week to go! our project manager told us that everything has been sorted but hubby still saw the holes in the kitchen cabinets because they fixed the position of the double plugs. i hope PM will get back to us by monday.

some updates:

  • we got the code of compliance certificate from the district council which means house is approved and built within standards. passed!
  • we will go to the local bank tomorrow to apply for the home and contents insurance which is a mandatory requirement for our home loan application. as you know, christchurch and new zealand are prone to earthquakes so insurance is a must.
  • we already paid for the final valuation of our house which is also a requirement for our home loan application.

once we have submitted all these documents, home loan will be formalised and we can discuss the loan structure. shet mangungutang na kami, haha! katakot yet exciting. haha!

sneak peek of the finished product…


the lawn doesn’t have a grass yet since it’s winter season but the landscapers will come back on spring to check it. we also plan to diy the garden like most locals do here to save us some bucks. so inspired to werk werk werk knowing you’ve got lots of bills to pay. lol!



Project Rolleston v0.5

juicy updates!

driveway and service court – in progress.


front view

kitchen – done. it only took a day for the contractor to finish installing the kitchen. they just put the pieces together and boom…kitchen finished! but look at those misplaced double plugs! we’ll have it fix definitely.



electricians will come over to fit in the lights this week. also expecting for the delivery of kitchen appliances.


  • coffee table – later, no budget!
  • bar stools – later, no budget!!
  • dining set – keen on buying a new one but but later, no budget!!! will use our old one instead. lol.
  • rug – search in progress
  • floor lamp – waiting for delivery. yay!
  • wall clock – waiting for delivery. hoorah!
  • couch and fridge – payment in progress and to be delivered once we move in. yay!!!

we need money so planning to sell my kidneys to the black market. joke! haha.


Project Rolleston v0.4

we can almost see the finish line ahead of us! every time we visit the site, we’re getting more and more excited especially now that the house is 80% complete. the interior paint is done and only needs to be touch up once the flooring is completed. we requested for a viewing from our project manager and he is gracious to meet us this morning to show us around the house and informed us on  any updates.

new accomplishments:
– interior painting
– shelving
– vanities installed
– bath tub installed
– doors and handles installed
– garage door installed

working in progress:
– kitchen installation (which is really our favorite, hubby is getting territorial when speaking about the kitchen. hahaha!)
– driveway and service court concrete

coming soon:
– internal fence on both sides
– front landscaping
– electrical fittings
– plumbing fittings

they gave us a tentative completion date which is end of july and after that, there will be an inspection from the builder as well as the council. NZ is particular on safety so they ensure that the house is built within the standard and safe for dwelling. amazing isn’t it? once the city council grants us the certificate of compliance, the builder will give us the list of variations and our final bill and tad-ah – settlement time! i feel excited about moving in but please not too fast because i still need my august pay! ha ha.


walk in closet


kitchen installation






inside the garage




laundry room



makes me sooooooo excited to do my online shopping. but then…


…my life in a nutshell😉


Project Rolleston v0.3

things are getting exciting!!! our friends already moved in to their new house and just seeing their finished product makes us more excited for our turn. we have the same home building company so i know that our house will be as nice as theirs. i sent an email to our project manager and asked for updates and here’s his update:

  • finished internal plastering

i don’t know what that means so have to google it. this is a photo i got from the internet similar to what our house looks like from the inside.


photo credits to

  • painting started this week and will go on for the next 2-3 weeks. once painting is done, kitchen installation will be next. this is my most favorite part…can’t wait!

the color selections

the external is almost done except for concrete, external landscape, fence and service court. madami pa pala, haha.

won’t be too long!


Project Rolleston v0.2

i’m at home today, looking after bubs who got sick during the weekend. i think he got a stomach bug again because he was vomiting which started last friday with a spell of diarrhea too. it’s hard for me and my husband when bibi gets sick because either of us needs to stay at home to take care of the kid. no yaya, no aunties, no grandparentals – just me and hubby all day everyday!!! here in new zealand, kids who go to preschool are more vulnerable in catching diseases because daycare is one of the common breeding place of germs. we’ve already exhausted all our sick leaves because baby got sickly ever since he joined preschool. every month, i have at least a day of sick leave only because my son contracted some disease – again.

anyway, we visited the site yesterday to see if there are updates since our last visit a week ago.

updates (yay):

  • laying of bricks as cladding (external)
  • laying of electrical wiring and added wall insulation inside the house (internal)

i hope that when we go back next week, the bricks cladding is already finish. i’m excited to see once they start working on the inside of the house particularly the kitchen area. here are some of my kitchen inspiration looks (photo credit: houzz).:)

scandinavian-kitchen (1)

clean simple look


my dream kitchen with pendant lights on it:)

i personally would like to make the house look cozy, homey, clean and simple. most of the looks i got are Scandinavian inspired which i really like – minimalist, clean and simple looking. can’t imagine living in a house full of glass, fancy hotel like and super sowshal…especially having a toddler around!

most likely will be back to work tomorrow. i’m always excited motivated to work now because of the house (and because we are getting a home loan soon). yikes!