Hello 2018!

welcome to another year. a brand new year for taking chances, correcting mistakes, improving ourselves and another year to take care and love our self. i am grateful to the previous year although there are some tough challenges which i survived.

last year, i set some major goals and i was able to accomplish some of them. of course, it will not be possible without the support of my family and friends. special thanks to my husband for his guidance and extra push…especially during the driving lessons. ūüôā¬† i can now comfortably drive along the motorway and go to the gym and grocery by myself. haha! one of my goals too was to take an advanced test analyst certification related to my job and was able to passed it early this year while on bench.

this year, i listed some goals which i hope to accomplish this year. i categorized them – personal, financial, fitness & health and house improvement goals. i thought it’s easier to track the goals if i write it down so i can revisit it at the end of this year. here are some of the goals i hope to accomplish this year. i hope this will inspire you also to come up with your own goals, i know we can do this guys! we just need to focus and be positive all the time and put a lot of love and effort to what we want to do. ūüėČ

personal goals

  • finish at least 1 book per month.
  • working smart and not extending 8 hrs of work.
  • making more (quality) friends and avoiding gossip.
  • social media fasting particularly facebook. i will try to post an average of 1-2 updates per month for close family and friends. facebook and me have a love-hate relationship. i love it when i see some nice updates but hate it when some friends overkill and flood me with their life.
  • fb social media deactivate for a month because i realized that sometimes i spent too much time on it and lots of precious time wasted. i also want to focus more on doing meaningful tasks such as exercising at the gym, reading books and spending time with the family.
  • i will still keep my instagram though which is my platform of choice and will provide more meaningful and inspiring content. ūüôā
  • saying ‘No’. less commitment, less pressure, less obligation means more time for me to relax and do the things i want to do.
  • more adventures – camping, walking and outdoor stuff
  • another jump on my 34th birthday ūüôā
  • take another certification exam related to my work and passing the exam
  • take a practical restricted driving test and passing the exam

fitness and health goals

  • shed my holiday weight (australia holiday food intake + christmas/ny binge eating).
  • spend more time at the gym by going there 4x a week.
  • improved my cardio so i can pursue running as an activity.
  • improved my strength training so i can carry heavy kid/stuff during walking trips.
  • body toning and conditioning – haha! writing this down so i can show to my personal trainer hahaha.

financial goals

  • replenish my son’s college savings fund and reach the target amount
  • pay credit card debt from the house improvement purchases i made from last boxing day. hahaha.
  • more savings now that my son’s already turning 3 years old and daycare fee will have 50% discount. woohoooo!

house improvement goals

  • buy an indoor plant
  • buy plants for the side patio near the window sill
  • upgrade our dining table

happy new year everyone! i hope you smash all your set goals for this year. we can do this!



birthday bridge bungy

I celebrated my 33rd birthday last weekend. Time flies! I could not believe that all those years have gone by in an instant. Despite working for almost a decade, sometimes I feel that my skills are still like that of a fresh graduate out of university – walang alam. Haha! There are times that I feel young inside even acting childish but then I can hear my joints making a cracking sound every time I move!

Anyway, we went to Hanmer Springs last weekend to celebrate my birthday. It’s been a while since we went out-of-town and my husband miss going out for a long drive. What a perfect time for us because the weather was so good last week and the mountains are filled with snow due to a recent snow storm here in New Zealand.

We passed by a tourist information centre and I saw that they are offering various activities such as quad biking, jet boating, rafting, canoeing and bungy. I am interested to bungy but I told my husband to give me some time to think. I need to think if I still have the guts to jump, what’s gonna happen to them if something goes wrong and so on.

I gave it some thought. Like 3 minutes.

I went back to the information centre and I booked a bungy session for the following day!

Motherhood may have changed me as a person but then I will always be a YOLO girl at heart. I hope if there’s some trait that my son will get from me, that is never to be afraid and to have faith that things will work out in a positive way. ūüôā





What’s inside your nose?

Early this afternoon while I was changing my son’s nappy, I noticed that there’s a¬†hint of orange thing peeking from inside his nose. I thought I was just imagining things, I look closely and I’m convinced that there’s REALLY something inside his nose. I felt slightly alarmed¬†so we brought him to the 24-hr clinic to have the foreign object removed by the doctor. My son looks very NORMAL though, happy and no slightest sign of difficulty in breathing. He must be feeling that those things inside his nose are just regular boogers and he is used to it!

Initially, I was itching to removed it but then I was afraid of making the object go further so we went to see¬†a doctor so as not to aggravate the situation. Luckily, there weren’t too many patients by the time we visited. Otherwise, we could have waited for ages and the more anxious I will be.

Alas, we finally saw the doctor. He asked us a couple of questions like where the object came from, if we tried removing it, any signs of distress, etc. Well, he got it at the preschool.

First try, the doctor instructed us to try removing the object using a non invasive way by doing the “mother’s kiss” approach or simply covering one nostril while blowing on the child’s mouth. This didn’t work because my boy was squirming and he felt uncomfortable and even laughing¬†when dad is blowing on his mouth like doing a CPR.

But thanks God for¬†our life saver aka¬†kiddie videos which was saved in dad’s mobile phone. He can watch his favorite video while we are busy figuring out how to remove the thing from his nose.

Second try, all four of us – doctor, nurse, me and husband, joined forces in removing the foreign object from my son’s nose. The doctor was holding the forceps, nurse was holding the light and occasionally holding my son’s head, my husband in charge of holding the legs and arms and sometimes the mobile phone too so toddler will¬†be entertained and I was in charge of sucking the object from the nose using a straw. It was tiring! All my veins were popping out of my neck from all that sucking. I then asked my husband to do it because I was already tired.

After a couple of attempts, finally the foreign object was removed!

This is what we got stuck from his nose…

An orange chalk ūüėź

Geez, kids do really love sticking things inside their nose. I was wondering how could this thing fit inside his nose. But as you know kids, they will find ways to put things where it’s not supposed to. So much for curiosity and exploration!


My Beauty Regimen

To begin with, I don’t really have a regular beauty regimen. In fact, I am the laziest¬†person when it comes to beautification. I guess that’s one of the reasons my husband loves me because I am a low maintenance, zero fuck given kind of girl in terms of beauty department though I have to admit that from time to time, looking at the mirror is one of my favorite things to do. I have a make up kit which I rarely used and almost nearing expiry.¬†I don’t know how to make nice eyebrows, contour¬†and blend.¬†Waley!

So it is a safe assumption that my face is one of my¬†most neglected body parts. That’s why now, at the age of 32, I can now see the signs of aging on my face like dark¬†spots from sun exposure as well as lines and wrinkles under my eyes. I spent many years traveling and YOLO YOLO¬†without wearing sunblock –¬†aray!¬†I suddenly panic and it dawned on me,¬†“Shet, wala na pala ako sa calendaryo!”.¬†Now, I realize that I need to do something to slow down (not stop) the signs of aging because as you know, AGING is inevitable.

I bought these beauty products recently so I can do¬†my nightly rituals again and hopefully my face will improve a bit. My face looks dull, dry and I feel like I look older than most 40-year-old out there. These are different from the ones I bought previously. It’s exciting to try new products once in a while.

Kiehl's Toner and Facial Wash
Kiehl’s Toner and Facial Wash

Among the beauty products I tried, my face best works with Kiehl’s products. Last year, when I started using Kiehl’s, some of my colleagues noticed that my face was glowing and they asked me what beauty product I used so I told them that I used Kiehl’s toner, facial wash and moisturizer every night below.

But that stopped when I finished all of them and budget became tight when we moved to our new house and most of my money was for paying bills, mortgage, daycare and buying new furniture. Now, I am trying to make a goal every month to buy 1-2 beauty products if my budget allows it. A good beauty product is never cheap! I am a cheap person and after buying cheap products, I found them ineffective and not long-lasting so I am changing my approach and will buy more quality products but a bit pricey of course. Next month, these are the next on my list – a moisturizer (yes I don’t moisturize which is really evil right), an eye cream and a night serum before I go to sleep (Zzzzzzz).

Doing the accounting, these will cost me around $200. Now, I feel guilty buying a $200 worth of beauty products in one swipe unlike before. But I am also thinking that this is my¬†treat for myself because I honestly feel, I’m feeling old.

Do you have any beauty products that you can recommend? Also any nice tips and tricks to improve the skin especially for a¬†Mom like me? Don’t worry about me not getting enough 8 hours of sleep because¬†I’m usually at bed as early as 9 pm and wakes up at 630-7 am. ūüėČ


Trip to Oamaru

my family from the PH visited us here in NZ last holiday season. it’s the first time my family went on a long haul trip which is really exciting!¬†it was fun and memorable albeit a little short as they stayed only for 3 weeks. nevertheless, i know that they enjoyed their visit most especially spending quality¬†time with my son. ūüôā

traveling in new zealand is not complete without going on a road trip. and so, channeling my inner travel consultant persona, i brought them to some of the tourist destinations here in south island such as akaroa, wanaka, queenstown, oamaru and tekapo. my husband did an awesome job driving for us! *thanks papa*

since there are lots of photos and stories to share, i will post one place at a time. ūüôā

first place is oamaru, a town located¬†three-hours away¬†from christchurch and at the east coast of new zealand. oamaru is part of the north otago region and reminds me of vigan or intramuros in the PH because¬†of its historic victorian architecture. we had a limited time touring the city because it’s only a day trip and much of the time spent was catching up on stories in my relatives house. but they are gracious hosts and showed us around the town. first stop is the victorian precinct which is a small hub filled with shops, restaurants and art galleries.








we tried the locally made ice cream at deja moo. my father did not finished his ice cream because he was feeling cold from the weather.







it started to drizzle and get cold so we’ve decided to go to¬†oamaru blue penguin colony¬†as our last stop.¬†unfortunately, we did not see any penguins that time because we were still early and the penguins will only come out during the night-time. since it’s summer, sunset means 9 pm¬†in our part of the world.



there’s still a lot more to explore in oamaru but sadly we have to go home. the charming old town makes me feel transported to another lifetime. next time, we will go back and will definitely check out the penguins. ūüôā