Welcome 2017!

happy new year friends! it’s another year full of hope, dreams and fun-filled adventures for me and my family. 2016 has been good and i’m grateful for all the wonderful things that happened to me. our new home is the best thing that happened to us for the past year. despite adjusting to budgeting and feeling poor as ever (haha), health wise, career wise and family wise…i am joyful and contented.


my yearly new year’s resolution of losing weight never progressed and wishing for a slimmer figure is like…


i find new year resolutions easy to break like promises you can’t deliver. though there are some things in 2016 that i would like to continue and improve better such as:

  • keeping in touch with friends and family and checking how they’re doing from time to time.
  • keeping a clutter free home and being organize in my personal belongings, computer files, friends in social media (ONLY stay connected to people who matter).
  • unfollow and unfriend dramatic and attention seeking social media super star wannabes.
  • debt free and organize family budgeting.
  • more camping, tramping and other outdoor adventures.
  • learn and improve new skills related to my job and also for personal growth.
  • talking less and listening more.
  • limiting my social media posts. i am pertaining to facebook. (rather filtering the audience of my posts, i chose to delete people whom i haven’t spoken for a while. haha! easy peasy.)

i feel this year will be as good as last year. or better. 🙂


Time flies

My son officially started his first day in his new room. He was staying in the babies room, now he is running along with the other toddlers in the next room. Time flies! I feel emotional that he is growing up too fast. I always feel that I just gave birth yesterday, but see he is turning 2 years old in two months time.

Bubs @ 6 months old

The tiny little boy who was just crawling and makes cooing sounds, tossing and turning in bed is now a rambunctious little tyke making funny mischief wherever he goes. He likes saying “Oh No!“, “Uh oh!“, “All gone!“, “No more!” and a lot more.

Bubs @ 22 months old

I feel like I want more babies but daycare is expensive and we have no relatives to help us. Maybe when my little guy is big enough and can follow simple instructions, then we may consider a new one. But for now, I’m enjoying our precious time together and I look forward to the day he starts to talk and asks me lots of silly questions. 🙂


Fried Hokkien Noodles

my husband and i agreed that i will do the cooking during weekends. this is to give me other things to do apart from cleaning baby’s bum. kidding. i need some variety because i kept on doing the same things everyday and i kinda miss cooking. i used to cook for my family when i was in 6th grade after going home from school. but i’m not an expert cook, ok? my limited cooking skills only knows stir fry, tinola, adobo and nilagang baboy/baka/patatas/itlog/etc. 

truth be told, “a happy wife is a happy life”or also can be “a happy mommy makes a happy baby.” so here, i’m back in the kitchen and sharing one of the recipes i randomly found from the cook book. it’s an easy stir fried hokkien noodles recipe which surprisingly tastes good.

despite being sleepy and it’s almost 11pm, i still have some energy to cook our baon for tomorrow. well, nakakapilit talaga magka energy pag nalalapit na ang payday ni sir at hingalo na ang bank account. haha!


  • cooking oil
  • sesame oil
  • chopped garlic
  • chopped spring onions
  • 1 red capsicum chopped
  • 1 bag raw prawns
  • chopped chili – i only added 1 piece this time just to tease my dish
  • button mushrooms sliced thinly
  • 1 pack (2 bags inside) of hokkien noodles
  • sugar
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp of soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp of water
  • sesame seeds (optional)


  • add the cooking oil and sesame oil together in a high heat pan.
  • add the garlic, prawns, spring onions and chili. stir fry for 5 minutes and put in a separate bowl once the prawn starts to look cooked.



  • add another serving of oil and sesame oil then sauté the capsicum and mushroom together.


  • once the mushroom turns brown, add the noodles.


  • add the water, sugar and soy sauce and let the noodles cook for at least 5 minutes. note: the hokkien noodles is already pre-cooked in the packaging so don’t need to cook it for too long. 
  • add the bowl of prawn mixture to the noodles and continue cooking for the next 3-5 minutes.
  • season with salt and pepper to taste. you can also garnish the noodles with some sesame seeds on top.

and the finished product, voilà! lez eat!

fried hokkien noodles
fried hokkien noodles


Book: Me Before You

finally, finally, finally. i finished reading the book, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. it took me almost a month to finish it because i’m busy at work and being a mother of course. i only get to read when i’m on commute going to work or when baby is already asleep at night. but on those instances, i find myself dozing off after starting with a couple of pages thus making a slow progress on my reading.


this is an adult romantic book and 480 pages long which was adapted into a movie that i haven’t seen yet.

it’s been 1 year and 9 months long since i entered a movie house. my gawd.

i first found out about this book through a celebrity i’m following on instagram. i got some good book recommendations from some of them like saab magalona, nikki gil, heart evangelista and anne curtis. i like following celebrities who share what books they read. 🙂

anyway, the book is ok. typical cheesy and romantic but not gushing too much about it. i cried though when i’m on the last few chapters and my husband saw me and laughed at me. after that, i easily recovered and moved on. haha! oh by the way, the movie is now available to rent in my suki video store so i’m planning to drop by sometime to borrow it. i hope it’s a nice movie because often times, i get disappointed with the film when i’ve already finished the book.

hmm, 3.5/5 popcorns here.


Project Rolleston v1.0

it’s done! the house is finished and we’re almost there. not too long and we’ll be moving in to our new place. i guess, owning a house by 32 is more achievable than me going back to my pre-pregnancy weight. haha! that is to say, i feel i am more disciplined in saving money than my eating habits. ang sarap naman kasi kumain!

at this point, we are eyeing for a settlement date of next friday then move in by saturday. a week to go! our project manager told us that everything has been sorted but hubby still saw the holes in the kitchen cabinets because they fixed the position of the double plugs. i hope PM will get back to us by monday.

some updates:

  • we got the code of compliance certificate from the district council which means house is approved and built within standards. passed!
  • we will go to the local bank tomorrow to apply for the home and contents insurance which is a mandatory requirement for our home loan application. as you know, christchurch and new zealand are prone to earthquakes so insurance is a must.
  • we already paid for the final valuation of our house which is also a requirement for our home loan application.

once we have submitted all these documents, home loan will be formalised and we can discuss the loan structure. shet mangungutang na kami, haha! katakot yet exciting. haha!

sneak peek of the finished product…


the lawn doesn’t have a grass yet since it’s winter season but the landscapers will come back on spring to check it. we also plan to diy the garden like most locals do here to save us some bucks. so inspired to werk werk werk knowing you’ve got lots of bills to pay. lol!