Random: Vendo Machine

I’m an avid fan of our pantry’s vendo machine. In fact, I almost consumed all the Hello Panda’s there. 🙂

Yesterday lunch while I was about to buy myself a pack of Lays, unfortunately it got stuck at the lower left bottom of the machine. For us to get it, we thought of making another wise move of buying a pack of M&M’s hoping it will help push the stuck Lays to the bottom of the bin. As a result, we end up having 2 snacks stuck up inside the vendo machine. hahaha (Sobrang laugh trip) Luckily, there’s an Indian guy who helped us out to get the food inside. (Ok, so why we Filipinos never thought of that?!Hmm…it only shows that we’re after the food and our brains were no longer working. 😀 )

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