Random: Doraemon

Honestly, I’m not really a fan of anime’s or manga series, but there’s one character that I’m really fond of. He/she (Sorry, I’m not sure of the gender here. :)) is Doraemon “the robotic cat” a.k.a “Ang pusang walang joints” as Darwin said it. He is fat and very cute that I want to keep him/her as a pet. I used to watch the Tagalized series in Channel 7 before and I find it cute and funny.

When I learned about the “Meet and Greet” session, I immediately informed Darwin about it. I’m not sure if he’s happy with the idea, but the fact that we went there together just made my day and I really appreciate that. 🙂 I find this “date” special and I wish we could have more of this in the future. hahaha!