Random: Piolo

This blog entry is specially dedicated to my sweetest dog, Piolo, who died yesterday afternoon.

It was somehow easy to accept if only he died of natural causes. However, the cause of his untimely demise was he was brutally murdered and attacked by my 3 other pet dogs – Choco, Papi and Bulilit. The main culprit here is Bulilit, the smallest yet fiercest one. In fact, my brother and I now call him ‘Ampatuan’ for being ruthless. The other two are just accomplice to the crime, just like what you see in the drama tv during prime time. They ganged up on him and he ended up all bloody soaked and wounded. My brother sent me pictures of him in his last state but I won’t post it here anymore. I just want to keep good memories of him – the cute, hairy, small dog with his annoying bark. Still, he’s very lovable.

Darwin called me yesterday to break the news. After hearing the sad story, tears start to well up in my eyes. Back home, I always witness how they ganged up on the small dog. He is a quiet and sweet dog in fact. Whenever I get home  from work, he always approach me and wags his tail excitedly. I know deep inside, he is happy to see me, since I’m his only knight and shining armor against the others. He may always feel an outcast at home, but still I love him dearly. He is a part of the family for 4 years.

To my dog Piolo, wherever you are, you are always remembered.You are special and no one can replace you in my heart.

…I’m not sure if dogs have souls too just like us. But sometimes I feel, their emotional capabilities are way beyond compared to us. They are loyal and fun loving creatures. And when everyone else turn its back on you, they’re still there for you no matter what. 😦

“Death ends a life, not a relationship. -Mitch Albom”

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