Random: Family + Friends + Fets + Food = FUN

I love birthdays. I see birthdays as special days wherein you have the excuse to do almost everything without guilt like shopping or lazying your ass off at home and insist to be exempted in doing the household chores (I have this big smile on my face. ü) Unlike some people I knew who dreaded birthdays because of the age factor, personally I feel the optimism on this day.

So let me go back to my homecoming and birthday plans. This is what I have accomplished for the entire week of my stay here. I meet my old friends and we catch up on some stories. Plus, I ate so much these past few days – foodtrip to the max at Longanisa Sorpresa, Contis, Pasto, Bigoli Ristorante, Old Spaghetti House, Aveneto and My Thai to name just a few.


…and food

…and food again.

My birthday is almost complete because of the fun with family, friends, food and even fets (haha!) except for fiance who is not around. Anyways, I’m coming back to SG tomorrow and we’ll just have the post birthday celebration there.

With Family…

Fets… ü

and friends…

and friends again.

I’m grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. I wish that I’ll be able to maintain the close relationship I have with them, for each year of my life. 🙂