Travel: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Day 1)

Last weekend, Darwin and I went on a 3d/2n weekend trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It’s our anniversary then so we spent some fun time together away from Singapore. I’m not sure if Darwin enjoyed the trip as much as I did (I hope he did). But for me, I enjoyed the experience for many reasons – people, food and the time itself we spent together. Exploring the city and getting lost together makes a fun adventure after all.

We got our tickets via Tiger Airways. We exchanged our SGDs to VNDs at the airport and departed Singapore around 7:30 am. We became instant millionaires that day because we were able to exchange our money to 2,000,000 VND. We arrived at Vietnam’s Tan Son Nhat Int’l Airport around 8:30 their local time and the time difference between Singapore and Vietnam is one hour.

Departure to Ho Chi Minh

After arriving from the airport, we took a cab and went to our hostel. We stayed at Vy Khanh Hostel along Pham Ngu lao Street. We weren’t able to see the place right away since we have to walk along the narrow alleys to reach the place. Never did we realized that along those narrow alleys were a multitude of hostels and guesthouses to be found. We were lucky since our location is near to almost everything – city attractions, travel agencies, shops and etc. The hostel got rave reviews from previous clients because of their service. The hosts, Vy and her family, were really helpful and accommodating. She helped us booked our tours and provide some suggestions on how we can safely roam around. I recommend this place for those wishing to visit HCM.

Vy Khanh Hostel

Day 1:

We spent the 1st day just walking around the city. I was surprised to the number of motorcycles in Vietnam. One of the tour guides told us that the number of motorcycles in the city alone is close to 4million. It outweigh the number of cars and other vehicles in the city. One friendly tip while walking along HCM – is to look across all directions – left, right, back and front because you might not notice the fast speeding motorcycles coming your way.

Motorcycles in Vietnam

Aside from the motorcycles, bicycles are also common means of transportation for the people. We rented bikes which we can use for our tour. Unfortunately, it rained in the afternoon that’s why we weren’t able to visit those famous places within the city.

Bicycle ride in HCM

We went back to our guesthouse and went out in the evening instead to have dinner. Luckily, we found this buffet place with overflowing sea foods. It cost us around 250,000VND each and it’s worth it!

Darwin and I have buffet for dinner


…and Food again

After the maka high-blood dinner, we walk back to our place again but decided not to go home yet. So we stop over at a local bar, just a few meters away from our hostel. Darwin and I spent the laid back moments that night by having a couple of drinks (Bananarama, Saigon by Night, Saigon Passion and Mojito) and some stories. I really missed those days when we do that. *sigh*

Drinks at Night

The night didn’t end there. After some drinks, we went to some eatery and ate again. After all those sea foods, I thought I’m already full but no. We were still able to have some midnight meal after that. I got the Chicken Gruel which is similar to our local lugaw version. It’s good, authentic Vietnamese dish.:)

Chicken Gruel, Vietnamese Dish

Chicken Gruel and me

I feel bloated after all the eating we did and I was able to sleep well that night. We need to regain our energy in preparation for the next day’s Mekong Delta tour. <to be continued…> 🙂