Travel: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Day 2)

For our 2nd day, we booked for the Mekong Delta Tour. We woke up at around 6:00 am since the tour guide will pick us up at the hostel at 7:15am. We just bought some breads at a store nearby for breakfast.

Waiting for the Tour

It’s a 3 hour long ride from Saigon (aka HCM) to Cai Be, where we will board the boat to explore the Mekong River. It’s just like going to any province in the Philippines and there are stop overs in between.

Saigon to Cai Be

Funny thing is, in one of our stop overs, Darwin was ‘forced’ to buy this ‘shades’ just to ditched the guy who’s selling it. It was funny in such a way that he even demonstrated to us how cool the shades is, by flaming the lenses using a lighter. It was hilarious because who would ever thought of burning those lenses in the first place. haha! 🙂

Immortal Shades

After our arrival in Cai Be, we board the boat that will take us to the Mekong River. I did my research and found out that Mekong River is rhe world’s 12th longest river and 7th longest in Asia. It encompasses not only Vietnam but also other Asian countries such as Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, China and Myanmar. Amazing! You will also see in the river the lively floating markets and bargaining among the buyers.

Mekong Tours

Mekong River Tour in action

Floating Market

After the boat ride, we went to a local orchard for lunch and to see the handicrafts and daily activities of the local people. We saw how the coconut candies were made as well as the durian crispies.

During lunch break, we were also given time to do other activities such as strolling around the village, go biking or just sit and relax in the hammocks…La Dolce Vita. 🙂

Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Coconut Candies

Durian Crispies

Biking, Sightseeing and Relaxing =)

After lunch, we went on a rowing boat ride through the canals of Mekong River. We just sit in the boat, enjoying the view of nature and the boat ride. We even met some new friends (Derrick and his Dad) from Singapore. 🙂

Rowing Boat Ride

Darwin and New Friend

We had a 40 minute boat ride going back to Vinh Long City. There is a land market there which is just similar to the local markets in the Philippines. We can even smell some dried tuyo and pusit as we walk back towards our bus. Hmmm…

Vinh Long Market

After a long day, we had another 3 hour long ride going back to Saigon. It was very tiring even if we’re just sitting the entire time. We went back to our hostel to have a short rest and to recharge our camera battery. After that, we roam around the city again to look for a place to eat. Sad to say, we never found Jollibee Vietnam, which is our target place to eat. So we ended up eating at Quan 71, a local restaurant in the city. The food is ok, enough for hungry people like us. hahaha! I like the seafood fried rice though, we even ordered for a 2nd serving.

Dinner at Quan 71

After the dinner, we went back to our place again and get a well deserved rest to prepare for next day’s adventure – the Cu Chi Tunnels Tour. <to be continued…>