Random: Night Shift (Part I)

I’m on night shi(f)t this week. So it means, I won’t be getting enough sleep for the entire week.  I keep track of my sleeping time and found out that I have only an average of 4-5 hrs of sleep per day. Still lacking the adequate 8 hrs of sleep! Goodbye beauty…hello zombie and panda eyes…goodbye social life…hello moolah. If it wasn’t for the money, I won’t be this motivated. *hahaha* Wooooot!

Panda Eyes




Moolah $$$ (ü)

Also, one of the down side of working graveyard shi(f)t is that there’s a BIG chance of increase FATness and gain weight. Yeah, I’ve been eating non stop this week and I can now see the bulging tummy starts to unfold. Shit! I’m craving for different kinds of food lately – from ginataang ulam, sinigang, roast pork, chicken rice, curry chicken and even bak kut teh (aka pork ribs in tea). The best bak kut teh I’ve tried so far was the one in Riverwalk at Clark Quay. But since I was too lazy to leave the house early, I just thought of trying my luck at the nearest new Food Center at Paya Lebar.

True blooded Bak Kut Teh

However, I didn’t know that Bak Kut Teh has different variations. The one I bought at the hawker stall can’t be compared to the one I’ve tasted at Riverwalk. The fake Bak Kut Teh is boring and just looks like nilagang baboy. Booo fail! Hayy, so much for my cravings. 😦

Poser Bak Kut Teh

Darwin’s “Egg Sandwich” (aka Egg Sandwich for the Gods) is definitely way better compared to the poser bak kut teh. Thanks Chuckie for bringing me the sandwiches at work. 🙂 Despite the carbo load and mala-construction worker number of sandwiches, I was able to finish them all. ♥

Darwin’s Kick Ass “Egg Sandwich for the Gods”