Random: Childhood

Last Saturday during our team’s BBQ party, my colleagues and I played kiddie games such as “Shake Shake Shampoo”, “Dr Kwak Kwak”, “Monkey Monkey Anabelle” and the famous “Sasara ang bulaklak…bubuka ang bulaklak”. If you are born during the 1984’s era, you should have an idea on what I’m talking about. Suddenly, I can’t help but feel nostalgic again. Thinking more about my childhood days made me realized that life was much simpler then. Carefree, no hassles and less complications. You know, those days wherein you only have to worry about doing your assignments and making sure to get good grades so your parents won’t get mad at you, days where you just have to ask your parents for allowance so you can eat at Mc Donald’s Masambong or Jollibee Siena after school or days wherein you watch cartoons in the morning before and after going to school. Aaaahh I miss the good times!

I remember when I was in grade 2, we used to play “10-20” and “Chinese Garter“. The farthest I can achieve is up until the hips only because I couldn’t jump any higher. I can’t even do a cartwheel in the “Chinese Garter” game. I used to go to school wearing my school uniform (a skirt/dress usually) with shorts underneath. So by the time recess or lunch break comes, my classmates and I will start to play again. Usually when it’s already your turn, you’ll bring up your skirt and tuck it in under your chin or hold it while you jump, revealing your shorts inside. I don’t wear half-slip and instead, I wear shorts to be safe. I don’t want to jump and expose my undies because my boy classmates are also watching and I’m kinda shy. Also to make things easier, I often remove my shoes and play with only my socks on. I always go home with my very dirty socks and poor Mom who always have to hand wash them because that time, washing machine is a luxury.

Nowadays, you can no longer see children playing in the streets. Or maybe there’s still a few left. Because at this age and time, kids will prefer to stay inside the house and play computer games, or play their hand-held PSPs or Nintendo DS. I’m not sure if kids today even know what Scrabble or Monopoly is all about. Hayyyzz.

I was a kid born under the era of Barbie Dolls, Polly Pockets, Trolls (that one you can buy at Gift Gate stores), Teks, POGs, Scrabble, Monopoly, Chinese Garter, 10-20, Tamagochi (the virtual pet that you need to feed and clean everyday or else it’ll stink), etc. I have a happy childhood and thinking about it brings back good memories. 🙂

My Childhood days and my hideous getup