Random: F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010

“Kami na ang jumoin sa media hype!!!” 🙂

It’s a fantabulous SaturDate! Darwin and I spent the weekend together to watch the F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2010 held at Marina Bay. It’s a 3-day event and since it’s our first time, we’re both very excited!!!

Saturdate 🙂

We got the Zone 4 walkabout tickets for Saturday (as good as General Admission in Araneta Coliseum) and yet we got a good view of the event. So much for luck, brains and fast reflex! hahaha (Note: Tickets are expensive…you might not want to find out how much they cost and you just wish that you get them for free :p )

Zone 4 Tickets

Zone 4 ticket holders are obviously only allowed at Zone 4 areas. But hey! This is where most of the fun stuff and action can be seen. Aside from getting a nice view of the Marina Bay Sands, Merlion, Singapore Flyer and Esplanade, you’ll also have the privilege to watch the open concert located at Padang Stage (just near the City Hall area).


…at night

We were both on “Tourist ako = On/OFW ako = Off” mode that night. Fortunately, I wore comfortable shoes last night because we have to walk a lot moving from one place to another. We weren’t able to catch up on Daughtry’s concert since we’re late. Booo! We arrived at around 7:00 pm and the concert ended just the same time. It sucks! But the good thing is, as Darwin and I were walking along Marina Bay area, a convoy just passed by in front of us and there right in front of our faces, Chris Daughtry and band were waving at us. I was shocked – no video and photo at all since…I’m shocked.

When we arrived around 7:30-8:00 ish, we had to squeeze in among the throngs of people at the standing bleachers and we can’t even take good pictures of the cars because of the bars blocking our view. The next practice session will start at around 10:00 PM. So as early as 9:00 pm,  Darwin and I started scouting for a good spot to watch and lo and behold, there just beside the track, an open view is available for us. No bars and blocking view, just us. hehehe We patiently waited for at least 45 minutes. Now I know why “Patience is a Virtue” 😉

Good Spot

By 10:00 pm, the practice session finally began. It’s my first time to see an F1 car in actual. I just remember my brother used to have Tamiya cars before. It looks like that but definitely much bigger. I hear the roaring sound of the cars engine and it was really loud. Some even have earplugs which costs $SGD2. I don’t have one so bahala na kung mabingi. hahaha It was a unique experience for a first time spectator like me na walang ka alam alam sa F1.

F1 Car

Fans in Action

Live F1 fever

After the qualifying sessions at 11:00PM, we went back to the concert stage area to watch Adam Lambert’s concert since we didn’t make it to the Daughtry’s show. I’m not really a fan of his but I just want to enjoy the show and have fun. It was an energy packed venue, almost everyone want to have a glimpse of the guy (I mean gay) and saw that everyone is having a great time. Here’s sample video (sorry for the Blair Witch quality video haha).

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