Travel: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (Day 1)

For our first day, we spent the first half of the day walking around the city. We’re lucky that our place is at a good location and accessible to almost everywhere – bars, ports, malls, etc. We just roamed around to have a feel of the city.

Kota Kinabalu City

After that, we immediately went to Jesselton Port to catch up on the ferry that will bring us to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. It is a marine park consisting of 5 different islands.

Jesselton Port

Ferries at Dock

We bought round trip tickets for the island hopping adventure, as well as ticket for the Para-sailing which we’re going to try later on. Exciting!!!

And so the adventure begins. We went to Manukan and Mamutik islands. The first island, Manukan Island, is the 2nd largest island and the most popular among the 5. It is the most developed island and there are many different water activities you can do here such as diving, snorkeling, para sailing, jet skiing and etc. This is where we tried the para sailing adventure. Lewa and I were both excited since it’s our first time to do it. A boat will pull us up in the air and we’ll just sit there for at least 10 minutes. It was only very hot then because we had it around noon time. Nevertheless, it was a one of a kind adventure that I would like to try again. It’s not scary at all up there. 🙂


After that, we just sit, relax and enjoy the rest of the day basking under the hot Malaysian sun. *naks! me ganun!!* The white sand beaches at Manukan and Mamutik islands are just the same as what you see in the Philippines. We just wanted to go somewhere else for a change, to give ourselves a treat after a very hectic week at work.

White sand beach

Under the hot Malaysian Sun 🙂

After a long day at the beach, we headed back to Jesselton Port and walk our way back home. We rest for a while to regain our energy and after that, we walk around again to look for a place to eat dinner. We reached this mall (I forgot the name of the place) and we even bought Nine West shoes for sale. Syeeeeet! Nine West shoes for 99RM (1RM = 13Php)!? That’s cheap!!! I can’t let the day passed by without buying anything, so we bought 1 pair each. hehehe

Cheap Nine West Shoes on Sale!

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