Random: Madir

I suddenly felt homesick again after looking at my Tita’s photo album in Facebook. It’s because she and Mom looks the same and it was as if I’m looking into my Mom’s reflection just by looking at those pictures. Suddenly began to feel emo again. In a few days time, Meee (that’s what I call her – short for Mommy) is going to celebrate her 57th birthday and this blog entry is for her. No amount of words can truly express how grateful I am to be her daughter.

Momeee and Me…Then

Just like any other mother-daughter relationship, we seldom get into fights and misunderstandings. To be honest, I didn’t really inherit her good genes especially when it comes to Good-Manners-Right-Conduct stuff. I am the exact antithesis of her. She’s patient, calm, understanding and soft spoken. Whereas, I’m the short-tempered, agitated, outspoken and panic stricken one. She’s well mannered, I’m what you call balahura. We do not even share the same taste in clothes. I find her choices too boring, she finds my style too tacky.

I just know the right ways on how to make her go ballistic. For one, magkalat sa bahay. Any form of it. One perfect example, she’ll change the bedsheets (as in mabangong bagong Downy and with almirol pa) and here I come from work, grab my food at the kitchen and proceed to my room immediately to watch tv and eat dinner in my bagong palit na punda. Aaaaah ang sarap tumambay sa mabangong malinis na kwarto! And all of a sudden ng biglang tumapon ang sauce ng pusit (yes ang may maitim na sabaw) and there you go, Mama nags and talks like a firing machine gun. hahaha

Another story, did I mention that she has a love and hate relationship with my dogs? As in she never really like them, unlike me na sobrang yakap pa sa mga asong di naliligo ng 1 buwan. hahaha So here’s the catch. Meee likes gardening a lot. She always dream of having a landscaped garden ever since we moved in to our house way back 2000. So after a decade, it was only this May-2010 she was able to fulfill her dream. A simple, nice, beautifully landscaped garden. 🙂

Momeee in her garden

So while she’s enjoying her gardening, tending to her plants and even singing to them ♫la-lah-lah♫, her equally beautiful daughter comes in, who’s super excited to see her dogs (this happened during my recent Pinas visit) and since they’re behind bars all day, hayun pinakawalan ko lang naman. Kawawa naman kase eh!! *hahaha* In less than 2-3 hours, you’ll see the once beautiful, neat landscaped garden turned into some mini mass graves dahil sa mga hinukay hukay na lupa. Goodbye flowers and green leafy plants. Hello to Momeee’s machine gun a.k.a mouth attack! *hahaha*

Pasaways behind bars

I miss my Mom after all. I can’t help but smile (and get teary-eyed once in a while) thinking about the good memories we have. I miss our SM/Trinoma days. I miss her experiment cooking which is surprisingly a total blast. I always joke her to start a carinderia business soon once she retires from work. I miss our facial days wherein she’s my constant beauty companion (dun lang kami nagkasundo sa pagpapafacial). I miss her preparing dinner once I go home after work. She irons my clothes even if she’s as tired as I am and that I should be the one doing it. I miss Sundays with her when we both agree to watch The Buzz instead of S-Files. I miss our constant chats. In short,  I miss her.

Momeee and Me…Now

To my Mom who’s going to celebrate her birthday soon. I love you and miss you. 🙂 Even if we don’t see each other like we used to, I’m just here whenever you need me. Reaching 60 is inevitable. But as you grow older, may you live longer and may you witness the beautiful things ahead of me.