Travel: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (Day 2)

For our 2nd day, we had the Mengkabong Water Village River Cruise tour. The guide picked us up around 8:00 am to bring us to Batangan Baru Lagoon, which is the port of entry to Mengkabong River. It is an hour drive away from Kota Kinabalu City. But before that, we went to a local marketplace first for a stop over. The guide gave us an hour to walk around and explore the place. Then afterwards, he showed us the Tuaran Suspension Bridge, which according to him is one of the attractions there. I find nothing special about the bridge, honestly. But we took a picture of it anyway since we’re already there.

Tuaran Suspension Bridge

We also tried the different local street foods such as banana fritters, satay and chicken wings. I took a picture of the old guy selling the chicken, who gamely posed for the cameras like a model. 🙂

Mr. Chicken Wings

Banana Fritters and Satay

Yummy Chicken

Fast forward after our food trip and mini tour, we’re now in Batangan Baru Lagoon. Before we started the river cruise tour, we had some short activities first. We tried the ATV ride as well as the Batik Painting. The ATV ride is very short, spending only 10 minutes circling the same spot over and over again. It would be nice if they let us roam around the big resort of Shangri La Rasa Ria Resort which is just behind the lagoon.

Lewa on Wheels

After that, we had the Batik Painting session. This is the part I enjoyed the most because it’s like going back to my grade school days doing artwork and anticipating for the finished product.

Batik Painting Session

After the leisure activities, now we go to the main attraction which is the Mengkabong River Cruise Tour. We will also visit the Water Village where the local fishermen live. We rode a small boat for the tour.

View of Mengkabong River

Water Village

Mangroves on the sides

During the boat cruise, the local guide demonstrated to us the traditional way of crab catching. We tried it ourselves but unfortunately, we got nothing after 2 hours of waiting.

Traditional Crab Catching

After the 2-hour boat ride, we headed back to the jetty and wait for the van that will bring us home. On our way home, we passed by the Atkinson Clock Tower which is also one of the cities attractions.

Atkinson Clock Tower

Later that night, we went out for dinner and had some few drinks to end the day. It was a long and tiring day for both of us but it was fun because we learned new things and we enjoyed the experience.

Few Drinks to end the night

<to be continued…>