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So let me tell you the story on how I started Yoga. 3 months after I came here in Singapore, I started looking for some leisure activity to keep myself busy. As you know, life here in Singapore is pretty boring sometimes unlike in Manila. Time here is very fast. Never you did know that you’re coming to the office next day, spend 8 to 12 hours at work, go home, sleep and the cycle goes on again. Basically, you just work and wait for a month for the next pay. Also, since Darwin has his weekly basketball game, I should start having my own activity too. It’s not like we should be together all the time. 🙂 Iwas clingy na ako! HAHAHA

I have this friend (whom I met through a former colleague too – IT is such a small world!) and she’s the one who referred me to the Yoga class. She was looking for some referrals and of course, I’m the one lucky girl to be selected among a few. Since sales talk is my weakness, I ended up signing a 12-month contract in True Yoga. (Ok! kagastusan na naman.) True Yoga is similar to Fitness First in a sense that you can attend any class anytime you want, in your own time and pace. Of course, kelangan sulitin ang monthly fee or else lugi ka. I did not attend any class for the past 2 months at major major sakit sa puso magbayad ng $SGD112 monthly fee. Kaloka!

So now, I’ll try to make it a habit to attend a class if not everyday, maybe at least 2-3 times a week. There are different classes to choose from, anything that suits your taste – from yoga, yogalates (yoga + pilates), body combat, hip hop dancing, Bollywood dancing and many more. Students are of different ages and level of flexibility – matanda, bata, professional, newbie, hobby lang na nag rerelax, may for fun, may nangangareer, mga regular-sightings-na-matatandang-babae-sa-dancing-class-na-tipong-araw-araw-umaattend-at-memorize-na-yung-steps-na-nangunguna-pa-sa-instructor type of student (syet ang haba nun HAHAHA!)


I like the yogalates class, which is tipong makatulo pawis at super kadooper effort sa pag-uunat kaso di mo pa rin maabot yung dapat abutin at bumabaliko pa rin ang tuhod ko. Kalorks! But I enjoy it so much. At least ume-effort. Pag kinareer ko din to gaya ng mga regular na oldies dun, ma pe-perfect ko na ang postures, mag reretire na ako sa IT at magtuturo na lang ako ng yoga HAHAHA! My another favorite class is the hot yoga class which is inside a 37-degree room temperature at gagawin mo ang mga pahirap postures. First time I attended,nahilo ako ng sobra, na-dehydrate kase ata ako (@_@). Jabar at baskil ka sa init at sa hirap ng postures.

True Yoga at Pacific Plaza

Yoga is fun. What I learned from it is to improve my concentration and focus. I try to concentrate and focus in each class or else matutumba ako sa one-legged postures. And of course, I want to share with you my ultimate favorite yoga posture of all. HEHEHE!

Shavasana aka Lying Man posture 🙂

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