Food: Out Of The Pan

After attending mass last Sunday, Darwin and I went to Raffles City mall to have dinner. He brought me to this nice place, Out Of the Pan, a restaurant located at the basement of the mall. He had been there before once during one of his lunch breaks with his colleagues. This is one of the best things about Darwin, he always bring me to nice places to eat. No wonder he’s Winnie D’ Pooh in the making for his large stomach and also not to mention that I myself can no longer hide my seemingly obvious bilbil. Onti na lang, pantay na ang <(.)(.)> ko sa bilbil ko…ganung level!

Anyway back to the story, the place is an open area and you could hear the sound of the water fountain just beside it. Since it’s located at the basement, you can see the upper section of the mall as well. So if you’re one pervert and want to have a nice “view”, well this might be a good place for you.

Biggest Gainer Challenge

Good: Nice place for a date – casual, not too crowded nor formal. Good food! Actually, I wasn’t expecting to eat crepe for dinner. The usual crepe that I know has ice cream, Hershey’s syrup and whipped cream in it. And I even ate one prior to this dinner date at Bugis, so eating crepe for merienda and crepe again for dinner seems to be redundant.

Darwin ordered “Black Pepper Beef ” crepe (as far as I can remember) and mine is “Baked Norwegian Salmon” (“diet-dietan”). And once my order was served, I immediately forgot the concept of “dieting”. It looks good and definitely tastes better too! Aaaaah ang sarap ng salmon di ako maka get over…

Black Pepper Beef

Baked Norwegian Salmon

(Not so)Bad: Little glitch is the price. Each crepe costs around $SGD15-20. For chrissake, that’s already 5 lunch meals for me at Lau Pa Sat! But come to think of it, the food is worth the price, and quantity too. So it’s not ‘that’ bad after all. It’s not like we do this everyday anyway.

Out Of The Pan is located at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Center, nearest is City Hall MRT station. They serve not only crepes but also salads, waffles and sweets. Comfort food at its finest. 🙂