Random: My (Super Early) New Year’s Resolution

I know this is crazy. New Year is still 2 months away and here I am, sitting in my bedroom wide awake at 4am and drafting my New Year’s resolution. Hindi naman ako masyadong obvious na excited mag 2011 nyan di ba?! This New Year’s Resolution thing is something of a ‘nice to have’. You know, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow every inch of it. Of course it’s nice if you get to accomplish all of them. If you’re this totally straight goody two-shoes type of person then New Year’s resolution will work best for you. But based on my personal experience, nah! I think I was able to accomplish only some of it. I hate rules, I’m probably one of the lousiest person in the world when it comes to following rules. Even I myself don’t follow my self-imposed rules. The only thing that applies to me is the “I’m-the-rule-not-the-exception” principle. *HAHAHA* (Thanks Gigi for awakening me !)

Well anyway, going back to my story. I’m excited for the upcoming holiday season –  the Christmas and New Year. So I’m making an initial draft of my New Year’s resolution. This is still subject to changes (depends on author’s mood, sanity and motivation) *HAHAHA*.

#1) Stay Fit

…and when I say ‘Stay Fit’, it means that my weight shouldn’t be more than 120 lbs. Yes,that’s my biggest weight ever recorded and I don’t like it. I also want to achieve the ‘Nelly Furtado abs’. This is the most difficult part. Because I’m one lazy ass who wants to sit and eat most of the time and hates moving around. “Ipagdadasal ko na lang po sayo Lord, pwede na po advance Christmas Gift. Mabait naman na ako eh.” 😀

Nelly and her Abs

#2 Give back to the Community

…and when I say “Giving back to the Community’, it means that I’ll be actively donating blood to the Red Cross organization. Nakatulong na ako sa community, na achieve ko pa ang #1, winner! Baka gumaan ang timbang ko kung babawasan nila ako ng dugo. hehehe. Pwede ba buwan buwan mag donate? Kung pwede din idonate yung bilbil at nagmumurang puson ko ok lang din po sa kin. BWAHAHAHA!

Blood Donation

#3 Save

…and when I say ‘Save’, it means no unnecessary expenditures. I want to achieve the ‘Financial Freedom’ … aaaaaahhhh. No impulsive credit card swiping, getting out of debt and achieving a 7-digit savings in bank account (Oo, di ko pa na aachieve to in my 5 years of work experience dahil sa kaka-travel ko. But I don’t have any regrets on that, it only made me realize how beautiful the world is. Charot may ganun!?) Imagine a world without credit card bills, syeeeeet that’s Nirvana! HAHAHA

Save Money

I’ll seriously start saving for my family, myself and the future. So that I won’t have to work in IT anymore. Makakapag retire na kaya ako sa IT by 30!? Taena, ♪♫Wisssshhh kooo Laaaannnggg ♪♫

Ate Vicky in Wish Ko Lang (Close!?)

#4 Learn Something New

…and when I say ‘Learn Something New’, it means enhancing my vocabulary by reading more books. This was never a problem to me, until Internet comes in. Sweet Valley Kids is part of my childhood and I can finish a book in one sitting. But now, I’ve been reading the same book for almost a few months now and I’m still not reaching the 100th page!? I suddenly missed those days when internet is still not available, I spent hours and days reading books instead of surfing the net.

Books Before Boys 🙂

Ay, isa pang narealize ko na ang tanging nag improve lang sa akin in terms of vocabulary ay yung gay lingo ko. As in “Ayayay! Umaga na! Di pa akesh inaantokeshi castle!” HAHAHA


#5 Communicate Effectively

…and when I say ‘Communicate Effectively’, it means constant communication with friends and family, choosing the right words at all times so as not to hurt other people, establishing good relationships and … updating this blog regularly. I’m a shy person and I don’t easily open up with people I’m not really close with. I just don’t want to give the impression that I’m feeling pa-close. So I don’t really talk unless you ask me. In short, I’m nice but I’m not generally friendly. So I’ll really try my best on this aspect. (@_@) Hmm, kaya siguro ako inenroll sa Communication Skills training sa Office!!! HAHAHA