Travel: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia (Day 3)

To continue the story of our Kota Kinabalu adventure, Lewa and I went island hopping again on the last day. We already had the island hopping adventure on the first day and since the port terminal is accessible from our place, we decided to go for a 2nd round adventure while waiting for our evening flight.

We visited Mamutik Island, the smallest among the 5 islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. It’s not as crowded as Manukan Island so we enjoyed our free time at the beach. The only downside is that 30 minutes after we reached the island, it started to rain heavily.

Mamutik Island

I started to panic and get nervous because my parents are not aware that I was in KK that time and my excuse for this trip was I went on a “Team Building Activity” at Subic for 3d/2n. Ang sosyal naman ng kompanya namin kung ganun! BWAHAHAHA Thank God I was able to reach the main land safely and still had time to pack our things.

Cloudy skies at Mamutik Island

We had our final stop at one of the market place in KK. The place is actually similar to Dampa wherein you’ll buy the seafood and have it cooked afterwards. So first things first, we chose Twinsky Restaurant and seated at one of their tables. Most of the servers are Pinoy so medyo di na kami nosebleed hehehe.

Twinsky Restaurant

Seafood galore

We had mussels (tahong) and sweet and sour fish for dinner. And in fairness to them, their service is good and they serve food on time. They even gave us peanuts, papaya and wet ones towel prior to serving our orders. I was quite impressed.

Buttered Tahong

But then so much for our ignorance. When we got the bill, we were both shocked to see the freebies were not really “free” at all. Booooo! Na scam kami! BWAHAHAHA. Ambilis pa naman namin kainin yung mani and papaya kase gutom na gutom na kami…may bayad pala! So the ‘Twinsky’ thing is now a running joke between us. We now call each other “Twinsky” whenever we see each other online.

Bill Que Horror

So the valuable lesson of the story: All good things in life are NOT necessarily free. 😉