Random: My (Other) Best Friend’s Wedding

Last Friday, I left Singapore bound for Manila-Subic to attend the wedding of one of my closest friends, Cecille. Our friendship started 4 years ago, I met her at my first job and the rest is history. She calls me ‘Peng’ which I don’t know why. We don’t see each other anymore as often as we used to, since we’re separated by distance. But I know deep inside our hearts that our friendship is still intact and no matter what happens, we’ll always be there for one another.


…through the years


We used to go to the gym together – spending hours chatting while doing stationary bicycles, drinking free coffee and maximizing the use of steam and sauna bath at Fitness First. We don’t really do much serious exercise then (or at least for me). And then there were also times that we just go to FF to refill our tumblers with free coffee and then go back to our office again, which is just beside the gym. I also remember our crazy fangirling adventure at Glorietta Mall to see the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. We were all sweaty then, pushing our way through the mob just to have a glimpse of the gay guys. It was fun because that would be considered as my very first fangirling adventure, considering I have no idea who these Queer Guys after all.

The wedding is simple yet elegant. Seeing my friend walk down the aisle with eyes brimming of happy tears, made me cried too. She’s been loveless for 4..5..or so years, her virginity the butt of unending jokes among her circle of friends, then here comes a good man (Chris) and everything just fall into place.

Boarding Pass and Passport Invites

To my dearly friend Cecille, I wish you both a happy and blissful marriage. I can’t forget the speech you made that night. I miss you a lot but I know your in good hands. Love you and hope to see you again soon. πŸ™‚

Congrats Chris and Cecille!

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  1. Waaaaaah naiiyak na naman ako Kim! I’m soooo happy for Cille! Parang na-touch ako dito sa blog mo abt Cille’s wedding. Forward mo kaya ‘tong link sa kanya.


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