Food: Kashmir

One of the best things when on a night shift is that I have extra time during the day to go anywhere. Either I go to the mall and stroll around or go to some nice place to eat. I don’t cook now at home because 1) I’m lazy to prepare food only for myself and 2) I don’t like washing pans and plates either. So when there are times that I’m craving for Pinoy food, I go to this place near my house where they serve Filipino dishes. It’s a walking distance if I want some exercise but I can also ride the bus if I want to.

Two days ago, I was craving for Sinigang na Baboy. So I’ve decided to go out and walk around. Then even before I reach the place, I saw this red big banner in front of me, in ALL CAPS saying “Lunch Buffet”.

Lunch Buffet

I easily get attracted to this promotional ads. The red big banner with “Lunch Buffet” on it is just like looking at the “We’re on Sale” posters you see in the mall during nationwide weekend sale. I’m a big fan of buffets, it brings out the patay gutom-ness in me. (“,)

So this is another edition of my Eat-Pray-Love adventure. Or should I say, Eat-Eat-Eat adventure. I walk inside Kashmir, an Indian restaurant and grabbed a seat. The place isn’t crowded because this happened around 2PM in the afternoon and there were only 3 customers during that time – me and a couple seated at the far side of the restaurant. What a perfect way to spend some “me time”. I’ve been here once with Darwin during one of our food dates.


There aren’t as many options to choose from because the buffet only consists of 1 fish, chicken, vegetable, soup and appetizer dish. But it’s “eat-all-you-can” so that’s fine. Indians do not eat much pork nor beef thus this is not served. Among the choices are Fish Curry (fish), Chicken Wings (chicken), Dal and Sweet Corn Vegetable (soup), Baingan Bharta (vegetarian dish made from eggplant), Peas Pulao (rice) and Samosa. I like the Fish Curry and Chicken Wings, they’re the safest to eat. I did not try the Dal and Bharta dishes though because I just don’t feel like eating them. Samosa is similar to our empanada but with an Indian twist. And the Peas Pulao, well it’s just a rice, nothing special on it except for the long strands. They also served me buttered Naan which I also like.

Fish Curry and Chicken Wings

Mix Dal and Baingan Bharta

Peas Pulao and Samosa

Sweet Corn Soup and Sauces

Buttered Naan

I had 3 rounds and I’m so full that I can’t hardly breathe. 🙂 I’m going to try their other food next time.