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I have multiple tabs open in my laptop, all of which are budget airline websites. For the past 1.5 hrs, I’m staring blankly at my computer, trying different flight combination and checking which among those is the cheapest. I’m thinking of having a solo get away trip (sequel to my quirky alone Phuket adventure) and attempting to pull a Julia Roberts stint ala Eat,Pray,Love.

I’m torn between “The Cheap Destination” vs “The Dream Destination”. There are many budget friendly places within Asia to consider. Yet, I’m confused because I also want to go to some dream destinations which I can cross out from my “Bucket List”.

So here are the places I’m targeting for next year (in makatotohanan order).

  • Angkor Wat (Cambodia) – I want to go to this place because it’s exotic, another UNESCO World Heritage Site and not the common place people would go to. Plus, Angelina Jolie set foot here during the Tomb Raider days. Cool!

Angkor Wat

  • Ayutthaya and Bangkok (Thailand) – I’m always fascinated with the sight of temples. So if there’s any other place within Asia which has lots of temples in it, I’m rooting for Thailand. I also want to go to Bangkok, particularly in Khao San Road to see what the fuss is all about (This is where Leonardo di Caprio stayed in the movie “The Beach”, my all time favorite travel movie) =)

Leo and the Reclining Buddha 


  • Bali (Indonesia) – I learned of Bali after watching the hit Korean series “Memories of Bali”. And now, after watching Julia Roberts in the movie “Eat Pray Love”, my eagerness to go to Bali increased by threefold. Waaaaahh! Another beach getaway next to Phuket. I don’t mind eating ABC Mee Goreng Pancit everyday as long as I can visit this place soon.

Island Of Thousands Temples, Bali

  • Taj Mahal (India) – Why? It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I saw it in the movies “The Bucket List” and “Slumdog Millionaire”. My heart and mind is set to go to this place if not only for the budget. Yeah, I need to have at least a thousand++ SGD to make this dream come true. Haaaayyysss makataya sana sa lotto para mapanalunan ko ang 450M pesosesoses!!!

Taj Mahal

These places are my top choices for next year’s getaway. Pangarap ko din mag Japan para makita ang cherry blossoms at ang South Korea para makita ang KPop stars. I need to save a little more, magpa alila sa night shift, kumain ng once a day and I’m ready to go. As a personal promise, kelangan ko muna maubos ang Asian countries bago mag level up sa ibang continents. hehehe! Syeeet wala pa nananalo sa 450M sa lotto, ako na lang ata inaantay tumaya. (“,)

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  1. I like this too!!!! ehehe.. ang dmeng nasa listahan ah.. ako din gusto ko ng dream 2011: WYD SPAIN!! waaaahh.. hhaayy..


  2. Kimmi…can I say, I like! hahaha! I’ve been doing the same thing – searching flights for the last couple of weeks making my holiday plans for 2011 – well, that is for myself only. And yes, been patiently checking every “budget” flight available. I’m only left with I guess two more countries and I’ve completed my ASEAN adventure! – Myanmar na lng and Laos! Let me know when you’d like to go to Cambodia, I’m more than willing to join you as NO ONE wants to join me to visit this world heritage site for the reason being – “its too hot” according to my hubby; “not on my list” as per my sister; “I have made my other travel plans” according to some of my friends and “what else to see” as per my next time you plan, please think of Tintin is just around the corner


    1. And to add.. I still have Bangkok, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Jakarta, Bali, Japan, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Brunei, Hongkong, Macau, South Korea to cross out from my list. Madami pa ako pagtatrabahuan dito sa SG! hahaha.=)


      1. Kimmi, I’ve checked Siem Reap, 2D 1N including R/T ticket in Silk Air, hotel accommodation and breakfast S$350 lng, exclude taxes (roughly SGD150). Just arrived from JTB Travel (ION Branch) this morning and they have packages for Siem Reap. I went there kasi I’m going to Japan on 27Nov:P I’m quite free naman for 2011 so let me know of your plans if any.

        For my travel plans eto na lang ang kulang ko sa list mo: South Korea, Jakarta/Bali, Shanghai, Taiwan, Brunei..Hmm..pero parang di ko masyadong like kasi itong 5 na ito..hahaha!


    2. Nyahk sayang pwede sana tayo travel buddies sa Siem Reap. Tix kase nakita ko nasa 200sgd++ na. di ko lam me mura package pala. hahaha!

      Nakapag pa book na ako ng Jakarta-Bali sa January. 😀 di bale andyan lang naman ang Siem Reap.. maybe 2nd quarter ng 2011? hahaha


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