Random: Wishlist

O-M-G! Christmas is fast approaching. It’s 10 days before Christmas and as the special day draws near, malls are starting to get crowded plus the fact that I’m now pressured to complete my holiday purchases. I don’t really have much to spend on except for my family and Darwin. Oh yes, I almost forgot that I have 7 inaanaks. I have only 7 in my list. If in case I missed out on somebody, paramdam na lang kayo sa akin…huntingin nyo ninang nyo and… Goodluck! =)

So I’m listing down some of the things (in random order) that I want to receive this Christmas. Taking advantage of posting it here just in case dear Santa is reading this list.:)

1. Wallet

Why: Because I don’t have one. I lost 2 wallets in span of 6 months, so I need a new one.

Requirements: Should be twofold, preferably leather, with a coin case inside,  card slots, bills slot and should have space for personal picture. (Medyo similar ang size sa baba)

Twofold Wallet

2. Yellow & White Gold (Two toned) Necklace

Why: Aside from wristwatch, this is another type of accessory/jewelry I’d like to wear. I’ve been longing to have one and thinking of buying one for myself. Having second thoughts, I’d rather receive this as a gift.

Requirements: Should be authentic white gold and NOT silver. This is long lasting compared to silver na nangingitim pag napawisan na.

Yellow and White Gold Necklace

3. Portable iPod speaker

Why: So I can play music without opening/bringing my laptop all the time.

Requirement: Speaker with exceptional sound and quality na tipong pwede na ako mag sound trip the whole day without leaving my room. Should be compatible with my 6 year old 1st Gen – iPod Nano.

JBL iPod Speaker

4. Bolster Pillow

Why: Because that’s the only thing missing in my bed right now. Whenever I buy a new bed sheet cover, there’s always 1 excess bolster pillow case and I always end up keeping it because I don’t have that kind of pillow with me. I also want it because I want to tuck something in between my legs during my sleep.

Bolster Pillows

5. XBox Kinect

Why: I fell in love with it the first time I saw it in the IT Show. Lalo pa pang exercise yung dinedemo. Para sa bahay na lang ako mag e-exercise and mamasterin ko ang mga dance moves.

Requirement: May pang fitness na laro…Dance Central. 🙂

Kinect Dance Central

6. Olympus E-P1 pancake lens

Why: Not because I’m into photography. It’s just that I find my 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 bulky. So I want a lens which is smaller and compact that can fit in to my smaller bags.

Zuiko Digital 25mm F2.8 Pancake lens

7. Vacation Package to any of the ff. destinations: Siem Reap, Cambodia and Bangkok, Thailand <Mukhang di na drowing ang Bangkok! 😉 >

Why: Because I badly want to go to these 2 countries!

Angkor Wat

Temples in Bangkok

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll be back kung may maisip pa ako. 🙂