Travel: Jurong Bird Park

I’ve decided to become a ‘tourist’ for a day. ü

Luckily, I’m on night shift this week so I have some spare time during the day to go elsewhere. I went to Jurong Bird Park yesterday since I want to go to the Western part of SG for a change. From our place, I rode the bus towards the MRT station then board the train heading to Joo Koon. I alighted at Boon Lay station, 2 stations shy from the last one. I felt as though I’m on the other side of the planet because everything is so peaceful there. The MRT travel time is approximately 45 minutes. After that, I went to the bus interchange to ride bus 194 which is the direct bus to the park. It took 8 minutes from the bus interchange going to the bird park.

Bus 194 and bus stop

Jurong Bird Park

After I alighted the bus, the rain fell suddenly just in time so I was stuck there at the bus stop for almost 30 minutes since I didn’t bring my umbrella with me. I was thinking of going back home but then the rain stopped, at least my patience and effort all paid off.

Before I go inside the park, I had my late lunch/merienda meal. I had ice cream (I saw the Ben & Jerry’s booth first so the dessert came ahead) then Nasi Lemak for the main course. They really have a big serving, I wasn’t able to consume everything because of the size. And just beside the food stall is a shop where you can find souvenir items for sale.

Ben & Jerry’s with Nasi Lemak

I went to the ticketing booth to purchase a ticket which costs SGD18 for adults. I also bought a ticket for the monorail, just for the sake of trying it. Since I don’t have an umbrella and it was slightly raining by the time I came in, I also bought a raincoat for SGD5. Now, I don’t even know what I’m going to do with my raincoat at home.

Ticketing Booth

First creatures I saw were the penguins. I didn’t know there were many kinds of penguins in this planet. It was nice looking at them from the viewing glass because they’re all cute especially when they walk na parang inaarthritis lang. Most of the penguins are just standing there chatting with one another wahahahaha and some were just swimming in the waters. Next I saw were the cockatoos. You can either take a picture of them or have a picture with them which is a bit pricey at SGD35/picture, imagine!? After that, there’s also the colorful macaws,  flamingos, storks and cranes.


Flamingos and Macaws

Parrots and Cockatoos

Walking a little further, you will see the Fuji Hawk Walk, which is where a small theater stage is located for the birds show and the Splash and Slide Playground where the children can play and get wet from the fountain.

Splash and Slide Playground

Fuji Hawk Walk

The African Waterfall Aviary has different colorful statues in the entrance. Once you go inside, you will see the beautiful man-made waterfall. A little more walking brought me to the pelicans with long beaks that span up to 8-12 inches long. Then there were other birds too such as swans – black and white ones, parrots, ostrich, peacocks, etc. Most of the birds can be viewed only in their cages.

African Waterfall Aviary

Various Statues

Birds and more Birds

Pelican Walk

After almost 3 hours of walking, I reach the main entrance again signaling the end of my fun tour. I saw the penguins again, happily swimming back and forth in the water. I was observing them the whole time and was thinking, “Aren’t they getting bored or tired just swimming on the same spot over and over again?”

Energetic Penguins