Food: Equinox

Many thanks to the gift vouchers I’ve won in the Pinoy Henyo’s Christmas Party game, Darwin and I were able to enjoy a sumptuous lunch buffet at Equinox. The restaurant is located at the 70th floor of Swissotel – The Stamford, near City Hall MRT station. From there, you can have a bird’s-eye view of the whole city. As we are both “masa” and “jologs”, it’s a different experience eating at a posh restaurant just like Equinox. Food trip is just one of the activities that we enjoy doing together so by the time I receive the prize, I immediately told Darwin about it and made reservations.


Reservation is a must before eating at the restaurant. And since it’s a high-end place, proper attire is strictly implemented. Smart casual at daytime and elegant dress code for evening affairs. As soon as we arrived, they ushered us to our tables. Luckily, I got a window seat for us so we can enjoy the nice view of the city (^_^).

Darwin enjoying the View

It’s a semi-buffet set up. We were given a menu list so we can choose the main course. Darwin had the sirloin dish while I picked the lamb chops. After that, we proceed to the buffet table immediately. Darwin get lots of sushi while I concentrated on the cold seafood selection to get some oysters, crabs and tiger prawns. It’s good! After the heavy meal, desserts came after. There are many to choose from – ice cream, cakes, panna cotta, chocolate fondue, etc.

Desserts and seafood

Main Course – Sirloin and Lamb Chops

The place is good but you’ll appreciate it more during the evenings. Just the privilege of eating at this nice place is a wonderful experience after all. After an hour and a half of dining experience, we left the place and started a walking tour to burn those “buffet fats”.

Lunch Break-ers