Travel: Bali, Indonesia (Day 2)

Day 2…

This is my 2nd and last day in Bali. Bali is such a beautiful place, at home masyado. And everything I saw reminds me of the Philippines – people, hospitality, sights and nature. Contrary to the popular belief that Indonesia is entirely a Muslim country, majority of the people here in Bali are Hindus. So for my last day, I booked a tour to visit the 6 famous temples in this island. Bali is also known as the ‘Island of Thousand Temples’.

I left the hostel at around 830 AM. Again, sumakay na naman ako sa habal-habal para makatipid. Thank God at ako ay naka jacket, leggings at helmet sa buong byahe at di ako masyado nangitim. At hayun ulit, kasama ko ang soulmate ko na itatago naten sa tawag na…’Kuya’.

1st stop: Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave (Bedulu, Bali)

Failed expectation. I was expecting to see elephants inside the cave as in ni-literal ko yung tawag na ‘Elephant Cave‘. The entrance to the cave looks like a devil’s mouth and inside it, people can offer prayers to Ganesha, the Hindu God of Success. Ganesha is an elephant-headed deity kaya na-i-relate ko na bakit sya naging ‘Elephant Cave’.

Goa Gajah

2nd Stop: Gunung Kawi Temple or Poet Mountain (Tampaksiring, Bali)

This place reminds me of Sagada Mountain Province – from the rice terraces to the makalawlaw panga and dila sa pagod na pagpanik-panaog sa hagdan…hayzzz. Sagadang-Sagada lang ang look and feel. May waterfalls sa baba malapit sa temples. The temple has stone carvings which is 7-8 ft high each.

Gunung Kawi

3rd Stop: Pura Tirta Empul or Holy Water Temple (Tampaksiring, Bali)

This place reminds me of Baguio City. Above the temple is where the Indonesian President’s house is located, mala “The Mansion”. As in striking resemblance yung itsura nila. Since this is also called ‘Holy Water Temple’, most people go here to take a bathe, believing that all sickness will be healed and they will be cleansed. Few meters from the temple, there’s a hot spring that still ripples from time to time.

Up up to “The Mansion”

Holy Water Temple

4th Stop: Kintamani and Mt. Batur (Kintamani, Bali)

This place reminds me of Tagaytay because from the overlooking and viewing deck, you will see Mt. Batur which is an active volcano at Bali. Beside the mountain is the lake which they call Lake Batur. Parang nag sight seeing lang sa Taal Volcano with the Taal Lake sa gilid. Also, while I’m taking advantage of the nice view, I was also able to see their prayer ceremony.

Kintamani and Mt. Batur

5th Stop: Mother Temple of Besakih (Besakih, Bali)

This is the most holiest and largest temple thus the name ‘Mother Temple‘. Unlike the smaller temples, one is not allowed to enter the temple unless s/he will offer a prayer. So bumili kami ni Kuya ng offering. At di porket Holy ang isang lugar, ibig sabihin nun na wala ng mga mapagsamantala sa tourist na gaya ko. Aba’t may bayad ang sarong na 5000Rupiahs at binigyan ko ng 6000…hala, ayaw ako suklian! Nakipag argumento pa tuloy ako…1000 din yun noh

Besakih Temple

6th and Final Stop: Samuan Tiga Temple (Bedulu, Bali)

On way back to Ubud, we passed by Samuan Tiga Temple. Ano meron dito? Wala lang…malapit lang sa Ubud so napadaan lang.

Samuan Tiga Temple

Ang weird lang ng policy sa bawat temples na bawal pumasok sa temples ang mga babaeng may ‘Monthly Period’…

No Men(s) Allowed

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  1. How many hours is this itinerary?
    Bali is a unique Island in Indonesia because of its religion; the only Hindu island in the country, if I’m not mistaken. kaya siguro it is popular. And in Hinduism, having your period forbids you to do some tasks, cooking in a kitchen other than yours for example 🙂 interesting lang.


  2. ang sarap naman.. nainggit ako.. gusto ko din sumolo.. hahaha.. enge naman ng IT nyang Bali na yan.. pati na rin yung Thailand mo.. ^_^ salamats


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