Random: Alcohol

Ok. I still have a hang over of Glee’s episode 14 plus the fun drinking session last night at a friends house. So why write about Alcohol? Why not write something else like world peace…or the recent pandemonium in Libya…or Justin Bieber’s new haircut…or John Lapus-Jobert Sucaldito’s feud? Hahahahaha! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an expert when it comes to alcohol nor the best person to give you an advice on ‘How Not to be Drunk’. I’ll still ask that same question to my bf and seek his doctoral advice (Holy Cow! He’s an institution when it comes to drinking! B-)). As a matter of fact, I’m still a ‘noob’ compared to my contemporaries. Mind you, I did lots of crazy things when I was drunk. Falling on the steps of a jeepney while alighting, throwing up on a friend’s trousers, sleeping inside the toilet of a bar and randomly pulled over by a police car for checkpoint are just some of the most memorable events of my happy drinking escapades. 🙂

I’m just an occasional drinker, lucky if I get to do it in span of 2-3 weeks. For one, it’s costly and I’d rather save it for some nice getaway. As much as I enjoy drinking itself, it’s the head spinning head ache that I don’t really like. Hell one morning I came to the office with a bad doze of hang over that a colleague bought me ‘Pocari Sweat’ to drink for breakfast. Haha!

I love drinking and alcohol – be it in the company of my friends, BF or solo drinking. But I promised myself to be a more responsible drinker from now on…and limit (not abolish ha! hehehe) my late partying/clubbing nights…and limit my alcohol spending habits. Maturity (aka Signs of Aging), here I come. 🙂

I didn’t know that I may find my Jurassic pics in my hard disk useful now. *hehehe* 😉 [see video]