Random: The Icing Room

One ‘boring’ Saturday afternoon, I went to ‘The Icing Room’ at Somerset to use the voucher I bought online for designing DIY cakes. This is a nice activity for a bored person like me, for kids who want to explore their artistic side or for anyone out there dreaming of becoming a cook, baker or chef someday.

The Icing Room @ Somerset

I’m just bored, that’s it. In fact, I feel like trying almost all kinds of activities that crosses my mind, just to ease off this boredom feeling I have every now and then. It sucks.

Anyway back to my story, I went to 313 Somerset mall and looked for ‘The Icing Room’ shop. It’s located at Basement Level 2 and by the time I came, there were some kids, families and group of friends doing the activity. This is it, I got excited! Since I’m only by myself that time, I chose the farthest spot so I can have some privacy and concentration while doing my cake. (Hahaha! Career mode na!)

The attendant asked me what flavor I like for the cake. There are 2 options – vanilla or chocolate, so I chose chocolate. After that, she handed me my 6-inch cake plus 5 icing pipe bags and 1 packet of candy flower sweets (it’s just like what you eat when attending those kiddie parties). 🙂

Cake, Icings and Flowers

I started doing my cake. I don’t have any preferred design in mind so I ended up just maximizing the resources that I have. Design lang ng design, walang ititirang flowers and icing! And the finished product…charaaaaaaaan!

…The Kikay Cake ü

So gay, so colorful, so arte – parang yung designer lang. Hehe!