Travel: Mint Museum of Toys

Sobrang overdue na itong post na ito at nabubulok na sa PC ko ang mga pictures ng aking January adventure, ang “Kim goes to The Mint Museum of Toys“. Just like any of my SG adventures, bunga lang ito ng boredom at night shift sa gabi kaya may oras pa sa araw gumala at mag lamyerda. Hehehe! =)

Anyhow, what’s with Mint Museum of Toys? The place is located somewhere along City Hall MRT station and it showcases different collection of personal and vintage toys coming from different parts of the world. In a sense, you’ll get to know the culture and story behind each of these toys.

First, I paid the entrance fee of SGD$15 and then the receptionist gave me a brochure as guide. The museum is divided into 6 sections – Mint Shop and Entrance at 1st level, Collectables at 2nd level, Childhood Favourites at 3rd level, Characters at 4th level, Outerspace at 5th level and Mr Punch Restaurant & Bar at Basement and Rooftop levels respectively.

1st Level – Entrance and Mint Shop

A happy and welcoming Astroboy greets you upon entering the museum. Behind it is a mini shop where you can buy small toys or souvenir items. One level below, there’s a cafe for the visitors in case you want to have some snacks before or after enjoying the tour inside the museum.


Mr Punch Restaurant

2nd Level – Collectables

Here you’ll see various collection of toys and memorabilia from different countries and era such as The Beatles item below.

The Beatles

Since most of the displayed toys are old ones and mostly collector’s item, expect that they are very expensive. As in this expensive…


3rd Level – Childhood Favourites

In this area, you’ll see mostly childhood toys such as teddy bears, hand made dolls, lunch box kits, hand puppets, Betty Boop collection, Snow White and a lot more. Hahaha! Maganda din yung nagpupunta sa museum, totoo yun madami ka matututunan. In fact, ngayon alam ko na ang pangalan ng 7 dwarfs ni Snow White! 🙂

Teddy Bears

Handmade dolls

Snow White and 7 Dwarfs

Betty Boop

4th Level – Characters

This is my most favorite section in the entire museum because I’m already familiar with most of the characters displayed here. Hahaha! At least medyo na appreciate ko na tignan ang display windows. You’ll see Batman, Popeye, Astroboy, Ultraman, Yogi Bear and other Hanna-Barbera characters, Mickey Mouse, Tintin and a lot more.

Felix The Cat

Mickey Mouse

Yogi Bear and Friends





5th Level – Outerspace

Here you’ll see toy collections of astronauts, robots, space ships as well as Star Wars and Star Trek memorabilia. I’m sure young boys and feeling pa-young boys will like it here. 🙂

Star Wars and Star Trek Collectibles

Robots and Astronauts

Na enjoy ko naman ang one and a half hour tour, feeling ko bumalik ako sa pagkabata. Since deprived ako sa laruan at wala ako masyadong toys nun pagkabata, dizizit opportunity na makakita ng madaming laruan. Sana lang meron silang section for Barbie and other dolls kase mostly pamboys yun mga toys na naka display. (Well, the founder and collector of this museum is a guy so ano pa nga ba?)