Random: Nike Goddess Run

I conquered the 5km run! 🙂

I know this is just a short distance to begin with. But it’s a feat for someone like me who doesn’t run on a regular basis. Hahaha! I joined because I now want to make Running as a habit. I was alarmed to find out that I gained a whopping 4kg since February and some of my clothes don’t fit me at all. 😦

Anyway, the Nike Goddess 5k Run event started around 5pm at Marina Barrage area. It’s an all-female race and participated by 5000 runners…imagine!? I almost didn’t make it because I went to the wrong venue few minutes before the race starts. Hahaha — stupid me! Thank God Darwin’s with me and we took a cab and arrived there just in time. Panic attacks…excitement. 🙂 I really want to make it and join the race because I’m taking this whole matter S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y. 🙂

Ready-Get Set-Go

Marina Barrage

The sun is high and the afternoon heat adds burden to the race. I easily got exhausted upon reaching the 2km mark. But nothing can stop me. As the adage goes, “Nothing Is Impossible To A Willing Heart” (true trait of a Goddess …bwahaha!)

Nike Goddess Run

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