Random: Woof..Woof!

One of my dogs, Papi, gave birth last month. My family was surprised to see 5 new cute little puppies upon arriving home from their vacation here in SG.

Papi and the puppies:)

I really miss my dogs so much. They never fail me on my good and not-so-good days. I remember during those times when I was so depressed with life, I just go out of the house and sit at the front door cuddling each one of them. I usually turn off the lights and sit there silently talking to them. They seem to understand me because they’re behave and just sitting there, patiently listening as I tell my story.

Let me introduce them to you one by one. I used to have 5 dogs at home. But they are now down to 4 because Piolo (the oldest and sweetest) got killed by my other dogs. They ganged up on him and he was bleeding all over. Poor dog, his life ended just like that and I really feel sorry for him. He is the nicest and most shy among the 5. I don’t know if animals go to heaven too, but I know he’s in some better place now.

=Piolo and Me=

The 2nd dog is Papi. She’s the first to arrive and was given to me by my College classmate when I was in my 3rd/4th yr. Hmm, so it’s almost 6-7 years ago. So her age in human years is around 37-41 years old. But she’s still fertile, because she recently gave birth (For the 2nd or 3rd time I think). 😉

=Papi and Me=

The 3rd dog is Choco. Choco is my ultimate favorite among them all. He came from Papi and Piolo and he’s the gentle ‘tanga‘ with a twist. Haha! Just like his master, he’s also Rated PG (Patay Gutom) and tiga ubos ng tirang pagkain ng ibang aso. He’s special because he just give this tiny noise whenever I pinch his ears and he seldom barks too. And also, he has a pink nose which makes him different among the others. =)

=Choco and Me=

The 4th dog is Milky (halatang pinag-isipan ang mga pangalan...). She has the longest coat among the 4. Choco and Milky are siblings by the way. She is really gentle and nice and often times like to lie on her back and make me scratch her belly. Then she do this funny thing of moving her legs up and down..up and down, while I’m scratching her tummy. She’s one of the nicest too. However, she doesn’t provide cute puppies unlike her mother.

=Milky and Me=

Last but not the least, Bulilit. The bunso and the bulliest. He is my least favorite dog because he has a bad temper. He won’t have any second thoughts of biting you if he feels so. We also call him Ampalilit (from the famous Mindanao murderer) because he brutally killed Piolo. Even up to now, I don’t really understand what kind of temper he has. He’s the perfect description of ‘Walang maliit na di nakakapuwing’. Hahaha!

=Bulilit and Me=

I really miss my dogs so much, especially now that Papi gave birth. 😥 I’m sad because I’m usually the most excited in the family whenever one of the dogs give birth. I seldom see dogs here in SG, mostly they’re fat stray cats roaming around. Miss ko na sila kahit sinisira nila ang garden ni Madir.

L-R: Choco, Papi, Bulilit, Milky

Papi with Choco and Milky during younger days 🙂

Bulilit “Ang kulit” during younger days