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Matatapos na ang May at di pa ako nakakapag beach! As in yung matinong paraisong beach ha. It’s this time of the year when I miss the Philippines and its beaches so much. Most people I know have their summer outing already, ako na lang ata ang hindi pa nakapag beach bumming — huhuness. Well actually, I can also do it here at Sentosa Beach and swim along the oily waters and have some ‘very nice’ view of tanker ships from everywhere. Haha!

I remember, March of 2009, my college friends (and tag along friends) and I, went to Camiguin for a summer adventure. It’s a side trip from Cagayan de Oro and one of our major vacations since graduating from college. I don’t know anything much about Camiguin — well except for that Jomari Yllana/Gelli de Belen movie, Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin…Camiguin! (ang bekimon ng title pang quotable quotes…jejeje)

Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin…Camiguin

Camiguin can be reach via air or sea travel, though air travel is seasonal. Since we’re coming from Cagayan de Oro, we hired a van and travel for 2hrs going to Balingoan Port. From there, we rode the ro-ro and travel for another hour going to Camiguin.

Girls at Balingoan Port

Upon arrival at Camiguin, someone picked us up and brought us to the resort (may placard pa ang sowsyal!!!).

Welcome to Camiguin

We spent one whole day touring the entire island. Our first stop is White Island. The name speaks truly for itself — white sandy beach and long sandbar. The island is uninhabited with no trees or shades for shelter, so tiis sa init. The place is really nice, we enjoyed taking snaps of each other along the white sandy beach.

Sun, Sea and Sand

White Island

Our next stop is the Walkway and Stations of the Cross. There are 14 stations in all and I haven’t even reached the 4th and so stations because of the steep walkway and it was really hot then…

Walkway and Stations of the Cross

Station at the Hillside

…that we treated ourselves to a nice fruit shake after the long walk.

Fruit Shake

Enjoying nice cold shake from Kuya

Next stop, Sunken Cemetery. The place was used to be a big mass of land until a volcanic eruption happened sometime in the 18th century, which caused the entire place to sink. A big white cross can be seen which marks the site of the people’s graves underneath. We didn’t go near the cross and just enjoy the view from afar.

Sunken Cemetery

Next stop is Catarman Church Ruins or famously known as Guiob Church Ruins. Despite looking and feeling dugyot, we still gamely posed for the cameras everywhere we go (adik!).

Catarman Church Ruins

Next stop, Katibawasan Falls. Tamang chill lang sa pag swimming and picture moments as usual. We enjoyed the place because there weren’t too many people around that time. Parang solo naming mag fi-friends ang nature. 🙂

Katibawasan Falls

Last spot, Ardent Hot Springs. There are different pools available with varying depths and warmth. I recommend the place if you want to relax with your family or friends. Unfortunately, we arrived already late so didn’t really get to spend much time on the place. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed their warm pools, feeling ko na relax naman ako. Nastress lang ako ng onte sa mga signs and reminders sa paligid ng pool. 

No Indecent Acts (skerrrrriiii!)

Oo nga naman!

After the tour, we bought some pasalubongs and Camiguin souvenir shirts for ourselves. Na excite kami and sinuot namin agad. =)




….reminiscing…Camiguin…the nice beach…and my girlfriends…

*Thanks Kath, Jeng and Roocie for some pics.

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