Random: Blood Donation (The Repeat)

Yes! It’s my 3rd voluntary Blood Donation and it just feels so good! Alam mo yung feel good dahil nakatulong ka na, pumayat ka pa (ng onte) at nakakain ka pa ng libre. Oh di ba, san ka pa!?

Soya Milk and Tuna Sandwich — Freebies

Since my 1st blood donation last October, I always get a text message from HSA, reminding me of my next scheduled blood donation. By the way, blood donation can be done only every after 3 months. The first time experience was only to fulfill one of my life’s things-to-do (‘To Donate Blood’). The succeeding ones, medyo naging panata lang, trip or out of boredom lang na tipong ‘sige-na-nga-mag-donate-ako-ng-blood-dahil-wala-naman-ginagawa’…tipong ganung level. (Walang basagan ng trip! This is for a noble cause – echos! :D)

So here’s the experience:

One gloomy afternoon, I went to HSA (Health Sciences Authority) office at Outram Park. I walked in and gave them my Blood Donor Card. They asked me to fill-up a registration form with health assessment questionnaire on it.

Donor Registration Booth

Form Filling Area

After filling up the form, a number will be given for the medical screening and blood pressure check. Partida, fresh from night shift pa ako with 3 hrs of sleep pero eligible pa rin to donate blood. Hahaha! Next step is the blood test. This is to check the blood hemoglobin if deemed fit for donation. Ito yung medyo exciting kase magugulat ka na lang, natusok ka na pala sa daliri. As in, 1-2-3-tusok! 😀

Number to be called

Spacious Waiting Area

Blood Test

Oh yes, I passed the blood test. Next step is the blood donation. The average amount of blood that you can give is around 500cc. Anything more than that is already hemorrhagic. It’s a very quick and painless procedure. After that, I stayed further for a couple of minutes to rest. And the best ang free refreshments after ng donation. 😉

Ready to Donate

So tara na! Let’s go and donate blood habang healthy pa ang mga red and white blood cells nyo. 🙂