Random: National Anthem: Which is Better?

I seldom write anything non-personal stuff here in my blog. But this time, I can’t help not commenting on these two National Anthem videos from the two biggest TV networks in the Philippines — ABS-CBN Channel 2 and GMA Channel 7. If you are to ask me which station I prefer, I’ll answer you without batting an eyelash that I’m a Kapamilya fan. Why? Well, I like their shows better and aside from the fact that they have the roster of most good looking stars. 😉

Anyway back to the National Anthem videos, I first saw the “Kapamilya Version” through Facebook. One of my friends posted the link and after watching it, of course as expected — if it’s from ABS-CBN, it must be good. Well, I was never aware of the other channel’s version so I have no comparison at all.

Kapamilya Version

Comments: The Kapamilya version showcases the Philippine’s tourist attractions and festivals. Medyo cultural ang approach. Being a lakwatsera myself, it’s nice to see the country’s beautiful spots and I kind of reminded myself, “Di pa pala ako nakapunta ng Mayon Volcano” and “Di pa pala ako nakapunta sa kahit anong Philippine Festivals!” (Bucket List alert **alarm-alarm-alarm-alarm**). Also, not to add that they have Piolo Pascual as the opening star in the video (as in pampukaw attensyon di ba — Piolo Pascual talaga!) And I want to comment on the 1:51-1:57 part … (John Lloyd nasaan ang feelings?! More energy mas happy OK?!)

Now let’s go to the “Kapuso Version”. I didn’t know there’s a Kapuso version to begin with — til I saw this video.

Kapuso Version

Comments: Kapuso version focused on the country’s historical events. Watching their video reminds me of my Sibika, HeKaSi and History days. They may not have the biggest stars like Piolo Pascual for the opening part, at least they have Aljur “ikaw na ang may chiseled-toned-abs” Abrenica as pampukaw eksena (+100pts for GMA!) 😀 (So kelangan talaga gwapo at macho ang pang opening!? Pwedeeeee!) And di ko kinaya ang Marvin Agustin moment — Jose Rizal ang peg! They could have chosen…they could have chosen…they could have chosen (isip…isip…isip)…wala ako maisip! Hahaha! They don’t have the biggest stars nga kaseeeeee. It could have fit John Lloyd better (para di lang nag mumble si John Lloyd dun sa kabilang video – wahahaha!) And Richard Gutierrez as Manuel Quezon?! Di ako na convince. It could have been…it could have been…wala ako maisip! Hahaha!

Verdict: As much I’m a solid Kapamilya fan, I’ll give this one to GMA 7. (To be fair, first time ako nagandahan sa gawa ng 7 huh!?…or nakuha sa +100 pts ni Aljur? chosz!)