Random: Beerfest Asia 2011

“Real Women Drink Beer”

…according to last night’s BeerFest 2011 event. It’s my first time and I’m happy that I’ll be able to cross it out in my “SG Bucket List”. Beerfest Asia showcases different beers from exporters all over the world. This is the place to be for all alcoholics out there. 😀

The Beers

I was with a couple of friends last night. I arrived a bit late though the moment I stepped inside the jampacked hall, I told myself that it’s not yet too late to party. (Hayok lang sa social life after working on 1 week night shift!)

The Girlfriends

The mood of the crowd is contagious and you could just see that everybody is having a blast. The rock band Killer Queen performed some of the famous hits like ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We are the Champions’. The crowd went wild after that.

The band

The Party People

And I literally people watched. Most of the people were singing and dancing while drinking, while there were some others who are too drunk to even care. I saw this Pinay girl (along with her BF, who happens to be my college schoolmate — small world) who threw up right in front of me. And the funny thing is, she kept on saying (like 20x) “I’mmm noooottt drrrruunnnnkkk” as in slow slurred fashion. And also, some of the overly drunk ones were getting into a fight already. I saw this lady who slapped a white guy and the white guy was stunned and too drunk to react. *Hahaha* At bago ko pala makalimutan, ang daming pogi! Lahat na ng kapogian nasa beerfest. As in Orlando Bloom kapogian. 🙂

Paparazzi Mode Pogi Alert

The event finished at around 3:00 AM (ah it’s too early). A cup of Magners Cider ends the night.

Magners Cider

*Edited: Thank you labs for setting the facts straight. 🙂