Food: Full House

No. I’m not talking about the Rain/Song Hye Kyo drama series.

Full House

Though it’s definitely Korean in nature too. 🙂 Full House is the small Korean restaurant along Tanjong Katong Road where the boyfriend and I usually spend our dinner nights every Sunday.

Full House Korean Restaurant

The place is small yet very cozy. Walls are decorated with posters and pictures of different Korean stars and artists, some of which are even hang using clothespins. Cute! They even play Korean music at the background (the upbeat KPop ones) or sometimes Korean shows/movie/mtvs.

Small and Cozy

Korean Artists

Food is great. I like their beef bibimbap (addicted to it and even gained a few ‘kgs’) but also tried the cheese ramen once (the non-spicy version).

Cheese Ramen (Non-spicy version)

They also have a buffet of side dishes — the anchovies, fish cake, chicken sausage and spinach are among my favorites.

Side Dish Buffet

Full Platter

It’s authentic by the way. Not like the usual Korean foods they sell at Hawker stalls which are all rip-off. The restaurant is managed and owned by this Korean guy who’s a dead ringer for Bae Yong Joon (saranghae ❤❤❤ — naisingit ko pa daw yun!?)

Bae Yong Joon (❤)

This place is one of our great finds. Highly recommended for those who love Korean food. 🙂

*Full House is located at 336 Tanjong Katong Road