Book: First They Killed My Father

I can’t exactly recall the last time I finished reading a book. Most of the time, I spend my lazy days surfing the Internet or roaming the streets of Singapore, to make myself busy. A few days ago, I went to a public library to borrow some travel guides for my next trip. Yes, I don’t have to buy a new one because there’s plenty of them in the library. That’s what you call resourceful and nagtitipid. Hehehe! I’m very excited for the next trip. Having fulfilled the solo trip and travel with friends this year, the next one will be with the boyfriend. So after this, I already reach my travel quota for the year and next year na ulit.

Aside from the Lonely Planet books and travel guides that I borrowed, I also came across this book — a memoir of a Cambodian Khmer Rouge survivor. Interested to know what’s in store for the next travel, I borrowed the book for leisure reading. (Mind setting…excited much?!)

First They Killed My Father

The book recounts the author’s ordeal during the Cambodian war – her childhood, hardships of war, hunger, genocide, parents/siblings death and fight for survival. Through this book, I got a clear picture on the country’s history. Ready na ako lumayas!

The book is very similar to Anne Frank’s “Diary of a Young Girl“, which I also read a few years back.

Diary of a Young Girl

The books are very similar in plot — stories of Germany to Cambodia, Holocaust to Khmer Rouge, Hitler to Pol Pot, genocide and many other things. The only difference is that Anne Frank did not survive while Loung (the author) is very much alive and working as a human rights activist, traveling and spreading the word on helping her beleaguered country. Ayun lang parehas din silang mabigat sa puso basahin.

Germany and Cambodia

Holocaust and Khmer Rouge

Hitler and Pol Pot

I very much like reading books especially novels and autobiographies. Coming from a Sweet Valley Kids era, I started my fondness for books at the age of 9. I find autobiographies more entertaining than reading hardbound boring  history books. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone — natuto ka na, nakichismis ka pa (in an educated way naman. Chismosa ang peg!!!). 🙂

Sweet Valley Kids

On a lighter note, feel ko na din gumawa ng sarili kong memoir. HAHAHAHA! Chosz…eksena lang! Any suggestion sa title? :p