Random: Wishlist

I’ll be turning 27 on the 30th which is 3 weeks from now. Despite life’s challenges, I still consider myself very blessed (lucky) and I’m grateful for that. I hope this blessed streak will continue til my next…next birthdays. Or even in my next lifetime.

I don’t really have anything grand that I want for my birthday other than celebrating it with my loved ones — family, friends or with the boyfriend. All I really want is to invest and spend time with these special people, maybe because I feel that the nature of my work deprives me of some personal time with them. But don’t get me wrong. I’d rather make myself tired with lots of work than tired of looking for a job. I’m blessed. (Thank you Lord! 🙂 )

I think I’ve already made a wish list before (Christmas) and I’m doing it again for my birthday. (See, we have 365 days in one year and we can only legally ask during these four occasions — Valentines, Anniversary, Birthday and Christmas. Hahaha!) Most girls will ask for girly stuff such as clothes, shoes, bags, etc. As much as I do like and want those things, I prefer life’s breath-taking moments (yunoh) rather on material things.

Here’s my top 10 birthday wish list 🙂

1. Nice romantic dinner meal at Dempsey Hill with matching bouquet of flowers (Ultimate dating moment. Masyado naman give away to. Hahaha! Pampasaya lang ng pus♥, para pag healthy ang heart mas madami pa akong birthdays na icecelebrate. 🙂 )

Dinner Date

2. Ride the Singapore Flyer and Duck ToursUnfortunately, hindi pa rin ako nakasakay nito in my 1.5 years of stay here in SG. Part ng aking (SG) bucket list.

Ducks and Flyer

3. Reverse Bungy or Extreme SwingKelangan ko lang ng 2 ‘determined’ volunteers sa reverse bungy or 4 na volunteers sa extreme swing. Hehehe! 

Reverse Bungy and Extreme Swing

4. (Fake) Sky diving experience at Sentosa – Fake muna, ipon muna ako pera at lakas. Medyo corny pero ok lang. Hehehe!


5. Flight Simulator Experience – Dahil sa mahilig ako lumayas

Flight Simulator

6. Tickets to Voyage de la Vie – Having been heard of Circue de Soleil and Circue Eloize, gusto ko ma experience makapanuod ng actual Circus show

Voyage de la Vie

7. Tripod and Memory Cork Board with Frame

  • Tripod – Since I often travel alone, wish ko magkaroon ng tripod para di ko na siya ipapatong kung saan saan (like upuan, basurahan and any other flat surface). And also to help me capture the best moments in life.
  • Memory Cork Board – Para lagayan ng sangkatutak na mementos and pictures of travels, loved ones and happy moments. Mas malaki mas ok.

Cork Board with Frame


8. Digital Photo Frame – Related to number 7

Digital Photo Frame

9. Any package of self-improvement class such as Boxing/Muay Thai , Swimming or Rollerblading


10. Any package of body massage or facial treatment (Dahil madalas akong haggard sa work!?)


Cheers to a Happy Life! 🙂