Random: Tri-Factor Run

This is my 2nd run for this month (and bracing myself for a 3rd one next week). Oh di ba!? Career lang kala mo naman ambilis tumakbo, eh 1st km pa lang naglalakad na, Hahaha! I’m doing this to keep myself busy and of course attempting to ‘lose weight’ which is always a Failed case. I-pag pray ko na lang ang tuluyan kong pagtaba, hay!

I registered myself and the bf for the Tri-Factor 5km Timex run so at least we have some bonding time together, aside from the usual eating-eating-eating and e-a-t-i-n-g!

Timex Tri Factor 5km Run

The starting point is at the F1 Pit Stop and the flag time for the 5km runners is 7:15 AM. But lo and behold, we’re late! We arrived at the venue around 7:20AM and we could see from afar the tail of 5km runners already making their way through the race. Shit panic! It’s bus 30’s fault for arriving 15 minutes late and I have to wait for another 5 minutes for the MRT Promenade bound. Nag papanic na din ako dahil tinatawagan na ako ng boypren at aawayin na ako, hehehe! Bf and I were the last ones to start for the 5km group, ang sarap tumakbo wala kaming kasabayan, Hahaha! Magulo pa ang routa, muntikan na kami dalhin sa Makansutra at dumagdag pa yun sa flag time namin. We’re both very tired and probably spent the entire time just walking. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed. 🙂

We also saw our close friends, Wally and Jho, after the race. Hulaan san? Well, while the entire world is doing some post-run stretching and cool down exercises, some catching their breaths and others rehydrating themselves, a group of MOSTLY Pinoys (including our friends) were in the…Photobooth! Hahaha! You can easily spot Pinoys in the crowd, because they’re taking pictures of themselves…everywhere! Well, I’m also guilty of that. We found our friends because I asked the bf if we could go to the Photobooth so we can have our own souvenir picture taken. Napadpad din kami sa Photobooth. 🙂

Champions…sa kalokohan

We got our medals after crossing the finish line. This Tri-Factor thing is actually a three series event — swimming, biking and running. I got 2/3 medals from the biking and running. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to swim so I’m missing one of the series. Isa na lang pwede na sa triathlon. Mag-aaral ako, matututo din ako…bucket list. 🙂


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  1. ang galing mo! naka-place ba kayo kaya may medal? Asteg naman.. inggit ako.. gsto ko din tumakbo kaya lng walang tym. haha. hanggang wishful thinking lang. :))


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