Travel: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Thank you Lord at natuloy din ang trip na to. Akala ko hanggang sa pangarap na lang mauuwi ang lahat.🙂

Cambodia Ready

The Boyfriend and I met up at the airport around 1:30 PM and left Singapore by 3:00 PM Thursday afternoon via Jetstar. Travel time from Singapore to Cambodia is 2 hours. Upon arrival at Siem Reap International Airport, there’s another local flight from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. Ito na dito na papasok ang katangahan. Hahaha! Sa 4 na taon kong naglalakwatsa, akala ko pwede ng hindi sakyan ang connecting flight. Our ticket says “Singapore->Siem Reap->Phnom Penh” but according to my DIY itinerary, we’re supposed to stay first in Siem Reap so that we don’t have to go back and forth thus making Phnom Penh as our last leg.

Airport Officer: Transit to Phnom Penh, please go to the right side.

Ako (makulit): No, we will stay here.

Airport Officer: No, you shouldn’t make a stop here. Your ticket says you’re supposed to go to Phnom Penh.

Boyfriend (naglelecture): Marunong ka pa sa officer eh. Dito tayo sa kabila. 

(LoL! I’m sorry naman, akala ko bus lang eh. Bus naman to di ba…as in airbus?! Ok fine chosz palusot!)

So we took the 20-minute flight back to Phnom Penh and bought the 8:00PM bus tickets from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. The travel time from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap is 6 hours, so we had a quick dinner first at Jaan’s, a small café beside the bus station along Sisowath Quay.

Quick Dinner at Jaan’s 

Inside the night bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

We arrived Siem Reap (again) at around 2:00-3:00AM and had super late check in at Golden Temple Villa Guesthouse. The guesthouse offers free breakfast, bus/tour bookings, internet service and massage. A night’s stay cost $16USD for the two of us.

Golden Temple Villa Guesthouse

We woke up at 7:00 AM and started the Angkor Tour by 9:00AM. We rented a tuktuk for $15USD for the whole day. Next, we purchased our 1-day Angkor pass for $20USD. It’s like a school ID. 1 day is not enough to see the Angkor Wat so we just opted to see the basic ones.

One Day Passes

Inside the Tuktuk. Excited coz never tried this in Bangkok. 🙂

First stop, Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is said to be the most beautiful and largest monument in Angkor. Sobrang init lang! Weather is very good for taking pictures but not for your skin. Walang lalabas ng maputi sa Angkor grounds, so better apply a sunblock before the tour. Good thing I brought my pashmina (Note: Do not underestimate the power of pashmina, it can do wonders gaya ng pang kumot sa bus, cover if you’re wearing shorts/sleeveless, cover sa face laban sa alikabok from tuktuk, pamunas pawis, etc.) I love this photo taken with the locals in their Apsara costumes.

Angkor Wat

With the locals in Apsara pose

Second stop, Angkor Thom and Bayon. Angkor Thom houses some of the important monuments and temples such as Bayon and Baphuon. Since it’s very hot at naumay na kami sa dami ng ruins sa Angkor Wat pa lang, we finished ahead of time and asked the tuktuk driver to bring us to Ta Phrom immediately.

At the entrance of Angkor Thom (umi-i-scarf pa eh ang init!?)

Third stop, Ta Phrom. I like Ta Phrom because it’s not too hot in there. Large trees serve as covers against the afternoon sunlight. They also shot some scenes here for the movie Tomb Raider. A mini stage was set up in front of the famous tree for picture taking purposes. Pwede ba naman akong walang Lara Croft shot?!  Hahaha!

Lara Crook (Kapal)

After the Angkor Tour, we had a buffet dinner at one of the local restaurants. There’s an ongoing local show so you can watch the performance while enjoying the delicious food. Walang masyadong usap-usap kami, kain lang ng kain. 🙂

Dinner Buffet 

While waiting for the 12 midnight bus bound for Phnom Penh, we had a stroll at their local night market. There are lots of cheap stuff everywhere such as souvenirs, shirts, bags, scarves, etc. But what really caught my attention were the chains of foot massage stalls with mani/pedi services. Since it’s only $2USD each, go na! Super cheap as compared to the $30++SGD massage here in SG. (Note: $1USD = $1.20SGD)

Siem Reap Night Market

Massage with some Mani/Pedi service

Happy Feet

We left Siem Reap around 12:00 AM-ish and arrived Phnom Penh by 6:00 AM. Two days of traveling non-stop is very tiring but I enjoy it still. Feeling backpackers lang sa pagka haggard. Haha!

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  1. is it safe to travel from Phnom Pehn to Siem Reap at night? ang dami ko kasi nabasa na hindi daw safe. anong yung bus company na sinakyan nyo and kung anong possible schedules for night trip? thank you! 😀


    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 Safe naman mag travel by night. Can’t exactly recall the bus company pero madami nag o offer nyan sa mga hotel/hostel na pag se stay-an nyo. Kami kasi from the airport nag pa book ng bus (via information counter). Ok naman safe wala kami na encounter na problema. Siguro mas recommended na sa dun na lang sa hotel/hostel nyo kayo pa book para sure.


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