Travel: Penang, Malaysia

Here comes another blast from the past travel edition of my lakwatsa series. Let me share our fun adventures at Penang, Malaysia. I have lots of good memories from this trip. Among all the places I visited, Penang is one of my favorites. This trip is kinda old already, happened 2 years ago few days shy of my birthday. Boyfriend and I were still in a long distance relationship then, so we take turns in visiting each other – he goes back to the PH to see me, while I take short vacation leaves to see him in SG. I’m lucky and thankful that boyfriend brought me there. I eventually found out that it’s listed in Yahoo’s ’10 islands to visit before you die’. 🙂

Penang is a small island at the northwestern part of Malaysia. It’s a 12-hour bus ride from Singapore. I remember being very giddy and excited that time because I’m impressed with the coach bus, having reclining plush seats with small video screens at the front.

Penang, Malaysia

Inside the Coach Bus to Malaysia

Our first stop is Kek Lok Si Temple. It’s a Buddhist temple and one of the main attractions in Penang. Before you reach the top, you have to pass by some shops at the entrance selling various souvenirs. At the entrance, there’s a small pond filled with many turtles.

Kek Lok Si Temple

Turtles in the Pond

After visiting the temple, we went to Penang Hill. Similar to Baguio or Tagaytay, it’s a good place to enjoy the cool air and relax. From the top, you can see the panoramic view of the entire Penang and George Town. Aside from the overlooking, there’s also a Hindu Temple, Snake Show and small restaurants to visit at the peak.

Train going up the Hill

Various attractions at Penang Hill

We usually ride the bus when going around the city.

Local Bus at Penang

Later at night, we decided to go to Batu Ferringhi beach. Because it was already late and nothing much to see, we just strolled outside the beach and had dinner instead.

Souvenir shops outside the beach

Penang is also known for their food. Boyfriend introduced me to Nasi Kandar, a local dish with LOTS of rice (as in pang pahinante sa pier leveling!!!) with curry sauce all ovveeeeerrrrrr it. Ang sarap lang, nag rereminisce na naman ako ng pagkain!!!

2Nasi Kandar for Dinner

I’d love to go back to Penang someday. Aside from the happy memories brought by this trip, I find the place very laid back but far from boring. Ang sarap chumillax at kumain. 🙂

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