Random: POSB Run for Kids 2011

I woke up at 5:30AM to prepare for POSBs Run for Kids 2011 event. I signed up for the non-competitive ‘fun 4.5km run’ adult category, together with my good friend and colleague Dyan. I don’t know if it’s the waking up too early thing…or the hot weather outside…or not drinking much water…or the blood donation I did yesterday, which causing me to feel a little light headed after reaching home. (@_@)

Run for Kids

Feeling Kids

It’s a fun event and perfect bonding time with the kids and the entire family. I admire and feel happy to see the families running together especially those with very small kids as young as 2 years old. Nakakatuwa! We had a great time too of course, fumi-feeling kids lang! Hahaha!

Little Tykes on the Go

Kids at Heart

Running Doggie

We finished the run and watched the awarding ceremony after. There are food and refreshment booths, as well as playing booths for the kids. Ang cute lang, busy busy-han ang mga bagets!

Awarding Ceremony

Playing Tykes

I can’t help but admire some of the locals here who push their children to join this kind of activity. They expose their children to join competitive and wholesome activities like marathons or any other sports at a very young age. How I wish we could have the same in PH too. At least during my time (parang ang tagal na di ba!? Lola lang…), I was still able to experienced playing outside with my friends after siesta or after doing my homework and household chores. Well nowadays, I barely see kids playing outside and instead see them huddling inside internet shops playing Counter strike and Dota.

Maybe someday when I have my own kids too, I will also enroll them in summer clinics like basketball, swimming or taekwondo. Hahaha, ibuhos ko ba ang frustration sa kids ko…haha!  I always ask my parents this question, “Bakit hindi ako marunong mag swimming or wala akong talent.. ano ba ginagawa ko nuong bata ako?” And my mom just said that they can’t afford it that time. Well at least now, I’m saving a lot so my kids won’t end up like me having no sports, can’t sing, can’t dance, doesn’t know how to play any musical instrument, etc. Ok ang dami ko lang frustrations sa buhay…hahaha! 

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