Random: Papa P

Few weeks ago, I got an email message from Gina, one of my colleagues informing me about an upcoming Album Launch Tour by Piolo Pascual. I said I’m ok with it since it’s…Piolo Pascual. No need for further explanation since Piolo Pascual is Piolo Pascual. Hahaha!

Anyway, let me get this straight. I’m not a super fan, ok? I’m just curious if he’s really that good-looking in person. I think all the girls are gushing over him…how handsome and macho he is…etc etc. Let’s face it, he’s really good-looking in person than in TV, posters and billboards. The moment he step out and went to the stage, Lord. You could just see the entire Pinay OFW community in Singapore screaming at the top of their lungs, some even professing their undying love to Papa P and offering their virginities. Laftrip! Gina, Vanny and I were snickering at the back, making fun of ourselves too because we’re giggling like high school girls who just saw our crush….tamang kapit lang sa panty sa kilig level! Nyahahaha!

Girls swoon over Piolo Pascual

But the problem was his cd album is so expensive, costing $50SGD. Imagine?! And I’m frustrated because I didn’t get to have a solo picture with him unlike the Christian Bautista experience. Was it because he’s a bigger star?! Heineken Papa P! I know you’re a superstar pero masyado namang pa star huh, di halata. Or sige, yung organizers mo na lang kung hindi ikaw. Una, ang presyo ng CD mo ang mahal, di lahat ng OFW mayaman noh! Pangalawa, ang security sa picture-an, OA! Daig pa ang PSG maka harang, kamusta naman?! Pangatlo, hindi sulit ang binayad ko dahil ang picture-an ay naka groups of 5! Buti na lang, pasok ka sa “Umarte-ng-naaayon-sa-looks-at-bank-account” category!!!

Here’s Papa P’s version of Babe I Love You (may mga sumisigaw lang ng I Love You too!!! wahahaha!)…

Babe I Love You by Papa P

…and bonus video from Yeng

Hawak Kamay by Yeng

Fumans lang…day off eh. Busy pati ang amo. Nyahahaha! Ang lakas maka jologs ng album tour na to! :p

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  1. Ikaw na di masyado fan kumakapit na sa panty ang kilig level…pano pa ako…bka wala ng kakapitan wahahaha…inggit much lang


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