Random: Old Box

I was rummaging through my unpacked luggage when all of a sudden I saw this…

and these…

(sorry I have to blur most of it as they are all personal letters given to me)

I remember bringing them with me last time I went home. I accidentally found them while in the midst of organizing my personal stuff. Aside from it, there were also a bunch of other things from my past such as my books and novel collections, a few DVDs of mostly rom-com movies, a box of medals I got from school, cards and letters from old friends, etc.

It’s almost 2 years since I last saw them. The unexpected treasures were now uncovered. I enjoyed digging through most of it. I ended up scanning a lot of them, most of it still I want to keep. I can’t help but smile reading the cards and letters given to me by friends. I found the poignant old love letters, I could still feel the sincerity of intentions brought by these letters. Sadly, they are now just kept on a dark musty old box all just a memory.

Things. Many things. Things I wish to forget and things I’d like to remember.