Random: Climbing

The Boyfriend introduced me to a new sport this time, which is climbing. We agreed both to have a regular activity so that we could try on other activities and learn new things, aside from eating and slacking. *hahaha*

On our way…to the top 

I want to do this regularly, at least to keep myself busy. I have to admit that I’m not the fittest person when it comes to this kind of activity, but slowly I’m getting there. I can’t explain how happy I am to reach the top spot for the first time.

Yesterday, I signed up and attended a climbing level 1 certification class, instead of watching the Pacman-Marquez bout. I just relied on Twitter and Facebook for updates, haha.

The Climbing Gym

Inside the Gym

The 1-day session covers the basics of climbing, belaying and rope work. There are actually 2 kinds of climbing to choose from – bouldering or top-roping. Bouldering is a style of climbing which doesn’t use a rope and limited for short climbs. A crash pad is use so that a fall won’t cause any serious injuries. Meanwhile, the top-rope climbing uses ropes and harness for safety and runs from a belayer attached to an anchor system. Boyfriend likes bouldering better while I prefer the top-rope climbing.


Top-rope Climbing

They taught us on how to put a harness…


to make a figure 8 knot…

Figure 8 Knot

to belay…


and the basic calls for safety climbing.

Through this one day lesson, I learned not only the technicalities but also to be alert in following the safety rules and commands. And of course, communication skills! Communicating means speaking and listening to your buddy with understanding (Parang relationships! Hahaha).

I got my Level 1 certification, which means I can do a top-rope belaying technique. This is for lifetime use, as long as I do it regularly, otherwise it’s just a piece of paper. But boyfriend was saying it’s boring especially if I don’t have a climbing buddy. Oh well whatever, may natutunan pa din naman ako. 🙂