Random: Changi City Point

And I’m back to blogosphere! Yes, that’s after 10000 years of hibernation, corporate slavery and chilling with my ‘brand new TV’.(Oh yes I’m loving it so much. I say goodbye to boring ole’ days :))

Not much updates from me. My life is very boring these past few days. So instead of talking about myself, I’ll just share something about this newly opened mall near my workplace called Changi City Point. I’m starting to love this mall now! We spent most of our post-overtime days here eating nothing but ‘very healthy’ foods such as liempo, bulalo and oily adobo. Oh di ba achieve na achieve ang katabaan.  🙂

This mall isn’t as boring as that of Bedok Point which is nothing but a big boring food court. Aside from the food and other restaurant selections (I’m excited for the Yomenya Goemon to open btw), this mall is the place to be for mall rats like me because of the wide range of outlet stores to shop from. Everything’s so cheap. In fact, I was so shocked to see the same shoes I bought 2 months ago now cheaper by $SGD70! Major bad trip.

In case work starts to get boring or feeling like going on an emergency shopping spree, alam na kung san ang ganap. 🙂