Random: Abercrombie and Fitch

It’s Saturday and I’ve long been waiting for this day. I’m feeling lazy ever since 3 weeks ago. Lazy to do almost ANYTHING actually — lazy at work, lazy to eat, lazy to take a bath, lazy to play badminton, lazy to leave the 4 corners of my room, lazy to party and many other laziness. It seems I don’t have the appetite and spirit to do anything lately other than going home early, staying at my room and watch tv, surf the internet and sleep. I’m feeling like a ‘lola‘ sleeping very early (10pm to 11pm at most) and waking up at 630am. Am I a changed person now?! I can’t even believe myself for this.

Anyway, what made me decide to leave my room today was that I need to go to Orchard to send a remittance. Other than that, I also need to buy a gift for our team Christmas Party.

So I went to Orchard. Since Christmas is fast approaching, Orchard is crowded with lots of people doing their shopping while some people are just strolling around and taking pictures with the different Christmas decorations. While I was walking, I saw this mascot outside Ngee Ann City. Since I’m bored and feeling very lazy, I’ve decided to have my picture taken with the mascot. Wala lang, bored lang. Walang basagan ng trip. Kaniya kaniyang trip lang yan, so please bear with me. 🙂


After that, I walk again because I need to go to Lucky Plaza for the remittance. I’m feeling lazy to use the underpass so I had a long walk until I reached the pedestrian. All of a sudden, I saw this mob of girls of all ages, swarming around something which I don’t know. Of course, being the chismosa that I am, I went to the crowd and look at it.

Lo and behold. There are a bunch of HOT looking guys, standing bare-chested with only their red sweatpants on. All the girls are taking pictures of the male models, with their mobile phones, digicams and SLRs. It’s a funny sight actually because the guys were like tourist spot attractions with everyone wanting to have their picture taken with them. And since I’m VERY bored (and to add that I’m alone and The Boyfriend is not around – haha), I’ve decided to make a go for it. Jologs lang.

To make the story short, I had my picture taken not only once…

See the other girls too

but twice.


The random stranger I asked for a favor was generous enough to take 2 pictures. Very good! I know it’s risky giving away your mobile phone but then, when you’re bored…you tend to do these crazy things. Hahaha! Feeling lucky eh? Medyo kinikilig din ako sa totoo lang hahahaKung mababaw lang ang happiness niyo, pwede na pang wish list ito. Hahaha! 🙂

Abercrombie & Fitch SG flagship store will open on Dec 15. Dumog na naman to like the H&M experience. I’m not an avid fan of the brand, pero ngayon napaisip ako.