Random: Best of 2011

Thank you Lord for a wonderful 2011 — for the many firsts, fulfilled dreams and new experiences. It’s not a perfect year, still it’s a happy year for me. Hoping and looking forward to a more positive, explosive, juicy and fabulous 2012. Hahaha!

(Oh, it’s not yet the end of the world!)

-=The Best of 2011=-

solo @ bali * gardenasia valentines * primo girls @ bangkok * dad’s 60th and family @ sg * birthday bungy @ macau * our 8th yr anniv @ cambodia * boudoir * marathons

(the fun moments with myself, my love, my work colleagues and my family)

Best of 2011 🙂

i’m not gonna make any new year’s resolution for now since i wasn’t able to fulfill some of last year’s (especially on the dieting part). i’ll just do my best in everything and be more positive i guess. also, i’d like to go to hk, taiwan or china next this year as part of my travel goals — if money, time and circumstances permit. inshallah.

the best is yet to come.